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A spring clean and clear out – de-clutter your house, wardrobes and minds and maybe even help a charity in the process!

Brightly coloured cushions

Some of my brightly coloured cushions

More ideas that can be good for the mind, body and soul…

So… I have talked about many inspiring ways to help ones mental health; things everyone could benefit from such as looking after pets, fostered or your own (I have one cat, one hamster and tropical fish and I love having them and spoiling them!). I have talked about gardening or keeping indoor or outdoor potted plants. And I have talked about having days out where you can learn new things, take in history, arts or just some fresh air.

And now I am promoting a good old Spring clean and clear out!

OK we all know about spring cleaning and how lovely it is when your house is all sparkly, furniture moved to different places and smelling fresh, but a clear out at the same time is simply marvellous.

Some of my brightly coloured storage boxes

Some of my brightly coloured storage boxes

Usually I have a clear out in order to do boot sales and give some to charity, but after twenty two years of boot sales since I was eighteen, I have had enough of them – even the lazy bones ones – as it is a lot of hard work for very little at times.

I have already had one clear out in the last few months, but having swapped my winter jumpers for summer shorts yesterday (I always keep the out of season clothes in suitcases under my bed) I found more clothes I do not want. So, I have advertised them on-line in the hope to earn a few pounds, which I need right now. The other bric and brac and books I am taking to a charity shop (I tend to rotate the charity shops I give to in order to give to a different one each time).

So, I wake up today to find my house all tidy, bags of stuff ready to leave the house, more room for storage and I get my little buzz from helping a charity and it makes me feel good!

Titus gets new cushions for his window lookout

Titus gets new cushions for his window bed lookout

Even Titus, my cat, benefited from clean new window seat cushions and covers!:-)


More inspiring ideas…


CLICK HERE to see the article about animal therapy and fostering animals

CLICK HERE to see the article about how days out can be good for us

CLICK HERE to see the article about gardening and looking after plants

We do not have to spend money to have a good time…

Have a great day!

Amanda 🙂

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4 comments to A spring clean and clear out – de-clutter your house, wardrobes and minds and maybe even help a charity in the process!

  • andrea

    I love having a good clear out! I shop in the same charity shops that I give my excess stuff to, and I do feel a buzz when I see an item I’ve donated sitting on a shelf with a price tag 🙂

    • amandagreenauthor

      Me too! I managed to get a hard cover of ‘The Girl on the Train’ the other day, so it’s bargains for us, a clearer house and donations for the charity yay! 🙂

  • amandagreenauthor

    So, I sold a bag of clothes, a dress, shoes and a bag and got £82! Pretty good! And I gave a bag of stuff to a local charity, so my clear out was a success, and I have more room 🙂

  • emma p

    I’ve also got into clearing out and giving to charity.often heart foundation ( due to get and his heart problems) or others I feel strongly about.I never thought I’d have a home instead of a place to sleep,the dustmen used to deliver at a home.

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