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As Catherine Zeta Jones has come out suffering with Bipolar Disorder, I will share my bad experiences with mental health issues

I was very pleased and touched at the latest news of a celebrity ‘coming out’ about their mental health problems – on this occasion, the very beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones, who checked herself into a mental health facility for a few days, to deal with her Bipolar disorder type II symptoms.

I very much feel for Catherine, who has had a stressful time dealing with her husband, Michael Douglas’ throat cancer ordeal last year, and am very grateful for her honesty in this case

I am in the process of writing a memoir about my own mental health issues – I have had various diagnoses: Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety and have also been told that I might ‘possibly’ have Bipolar Disorder. In any case, I have trialled medications that would be administered to Bipolar patients, so it just goes to show how these illnesses can overlap.

Writing my memoir and promoting my mental health stigma campagin has made me more determined to share my experiences, and to find ways of helping to beat the stigma of mental health problems, together with, hopefully, helping to inspire others to help themselves and loved ones to get better and not feel ashamed of being different.

So far, you can see some of my mental health ‘beat the stigma’ campaign by using the drop down boxes on the top banner of this website.

And more information on my posts  by clicking HERE

So, watch this space, and I will share some stuff soon.

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1 comment to As Catherine Zeta Jones has come out suffering with Bipolar Disorder, I will share my bad experiences with mental health issues


    So many ppl appear to talk about Depression, Mental health Disorders, Personality Disorders etc but never really Speak the truth about what they are really experiencing. There are loads of Names , Diagnosis being made up constantly, to confuse society that their problems are less than everyone assumes.
    We really need to speak about the Internal Disorders, each person have in common with the other.For Example there is a :
    1/ “Communication Barrier” which prevents asking for HELP.
    2/ There is “Mental Blocks” and “Deadlocks” which prevents the individual from accessing of sending information quickly from from one part of the Mind to the Body.
    3/ How about “Feeling Trapped inside your Body” and often “Trapped inside your home for Days” with exhaustion and absolutely NO energy.
    4/What about Suicidal Feeling and Suicidal Thoughts that takes the lives of so many ppl every year.
    5/ Not forgetting the “Slow silent Paralysis” building up in the Mind and Body preventing you from Working Full Time:Becoming Housebound or trapped in the Home: Unable to enjoy a Social Life: Having to lie down or sit down for Days to recover your energy.
    When everyone starts to Talk Truthfully and get onto the same page, they will find they are experiencing the same problems. CHECK IT OUT…..

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