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Bake and eat cake – vegan or dairy? Selfish or people pleaser? I cannot be both can I?

fairy victoria sponge cakes with raspberry jam and cream

fairy victoria sponge cakes with raspberry jam and cream

Oh my, I never thought I would find myself baking cakes… let alone four times in two weeks! The first go was a trial run of vegan chocolate cakes, then vanilla butter cup cakes – both disasters. But, I had a plan for the cakes, so invested in a set of scales (pretty green colour to suit my kitchen and all) so that I could measure the ingredients properly.

So, Sunday (day after Chris’ birthday) I baked some ‘proper’ vanilla cupcakes, filled them with raspberry jam and whipped cream and topped them with a fresh raspberry and hey presto he loved them and so did I. He got a birthday candle on his. I then got to thinking about making cakes for a living, but that lasted about a day, as I am no baker and doubt I would make much making mini Victoria sponges… Oh my wandering, changeable mind!!!

Today, I simply had to have another go at the chocolate vegan cakes, as we are all taking a cake tomorrow to college as it’s the last day of our counselling skills level 2 course (SAD L).

The remit was to bring any cake we want, but with the purpose to show/tell something about ourselves, like ‘I am a ??? cake because…’

vegan chocolate cup cakes with frosting and strawberries

vegan chocolate cup cakes with frosting and strawberries

Mine? I am a home made vegan cake in animal print cases (zebra, giraffe, leopard and tiger prints) because…

  • Too many shop bought cakes contain palm oil and I do not consume palm oil (for a few years now where I can help it) because the production of palm oil often harms or kills the Orangutans, wildlife and rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra…
  • I am trying to eat less meat and dairy as I love animals and hate seeing the abuse of animals in the meat and dairy production (although I have no promise to give it all up completely, I will be honest)…
  • And I am a ‘people pleaser’ and wanted to make something even my friend in class can eat as she’s vegan…

But the joke is that in pleasing others I am left without a cake that I really like, as I just couldn’t face making any more after all the washing up (no dishwasher here), so that will be my presentation for my cakes tomorrow, lacking the ones I like full of butter and whipped cream LOL

BUT, I made a lovely veggie curry tonight, and am enjoying many meals without meat when I cook at home, so I am getting better and I am getting into cooking for myself again, from scratch, having ditched the ready meals. It’s great for the mind, body and soul 🙂

I have also learnt a lot from my group analysis breakdown last week too, having written it all down and analysed it again. I have more things to work on now to improve my mental health and happiness.

Enjoy your weekend all 🙂

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