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Happy New Year! Looking back at 2012 and moving on into 2013 being positive, not negative!

I have been contemplating for a while now and writing all my new plans for the year of 2013, as I do every December, and have some lovely things to look forward to.

• I will be moving home, to somewhere I can finally have my little rescue cat (Oh I wonder where he or she is right now! Is he/she even born? Ah) so that will be wonderful. I simply adore cats (well all animals actually) and I feel I will be able to give them the love they need and they will be therapeutic to me also. So, that’s all very exciting!

• I have begun planning my sequel book! It may or may not be published but it’s something I will be working on.

• I have various plans around changes in work and possible volunteering jobs – time will tell on that one.

• I have decided to get out and about more, see more people, walk more and generally socialise more, since that is one of my favourite things!

Oh there’s plenty more, particularly New Years resolutions, but I won’t bore you with those…

So, looking back on 2012… Well, I realised just how much I had done this year and I must say it pleases me that I have taken time out to reflect, as it is so easy to let time pass and feel that you are getting nowhere. Well, for me anyway! 🙂

• I finished writing my book

• I edited my book (with the lovely Debz Hobbs-Wyatt – my editor!)

• I published my book to kindle (‘My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me’) – click on the links to open in a new window in the various countries…

o Amazon 

o Amazon UK 

o Amazon Japan

o Amazon Canada 

o Amazon Brazil

o Amazon Germany 

o Amazon France 

o Amazon Spain

o Amazon Italy 

• I’ve sold books, had 18 x 5* reviews, 2 x 4* reviews and a couple of lower ones (always to be expected as we cannot please everyone)

• I’ve had my book reviewed very positively by mental health advocates such as Emergence (personality disorders and Bon Dobbs (

• I’ve built a lovely group of friends and followers on Twitter (@AmandaGreenUK), Facebook (AmandaGreenAuthor) Goodreads (AmandaGreenAuthorUK) Your Book Authors (CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE LINK IN A NEW WINDOW)–Memoirs and my own website/blog.

• I’ve had the chance to be a mental health advocate through social networking and my website/blog.

• I’ve had mental health articles published on many websites including Mind, SANE, Journeys, Optimist World and others.

• I did a book giveaway to raise awareness through my book of mental health stigma – a one off 5 day free giveaway of my memoir and had over 1200 people download it in those 5 days.

• I’ve travelled to many lovely places in the UK and abroad, eaten some wonderful food, had many laughs and chats, seen friends, seen some great films and TV shows, enjoyed my own company and read some great books.

• I’ve done well with my other 5 websites as well.

• I have found out which cosmetic companies test on animals and will never buy another product for them – causing harm to animals for our own beauty purposes is pretty disgusting so enough of all that for me now!

• I cut my alcohol intake down, and cigarettes!

• And… I am managing my mental health issues better – I’ve recovered completely from some symptoms and have found coping methods that work for those that are left – SO, I feel a lot better in myself and proud of it I might add! That has to be the winner of best achievement of 2012! 🙂

And it is when I look at all that I HAVE done (rather than the negatives of what I have NOT done/what I have failed at, and all the adversities of 2012, that I can see just how motivated I can be, and just how much I can achieve and how much joy I have had. And if I can write one book, why not write another? So, another of my promises to myself for 2013 is ‘I will stop using the word ‘CAN’T’ because I most likely CAN!’ I will take on more responsibility too!

Wishing you all a wonderful year for 2013 – a year full of love, laughter, happiness and success!

Thanks so much for following me, chatting to me, buying my book and reviewing it in 2012 – it’s been lovely to meet you all!

Best wishes,

Amanda 🙂


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