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How to help stop the stigma of mental illness

What can you do to help?

  • Learn about the issues/symptoms of some illnesses – watch a film, read a book, look on websites or in libraries
  • You could watch films which are based on mental health issues, such as ‘A Beautiful Mind’ or ‘Bennie and Joon’.  They can be very therapeutic and educational, although please note that some are not totally correct in their portrayal of all symptoms.   A very useful website I have found is On this website you can click on the mental illness you wish to see a film based upon, and they come up with a list where you can find out more about the movie descriptions.
  • Help others you know with a mental health problem – friends or family – be more understanding and supportive.  This can be difficult at times, as the symptoms of some illnesses can affect you directly too, or can be difficult to understand, but be patient – it will be worth it in the end!
  • Visit one of the charities and find out other ways you can help
  • If you have a mental health issue, talk to others – your doctor, a therapist, a friend, your family or one of the charities – don’t stay silent – get help!

Why don’t you take a look on these sites today and learn something – you may be able to understand or help one of your friends, colleagues or family or even yourself today!

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2 comments to How to help stop the stigma of mental illness

  • Audrey

    I forgot to mention I do have an amazing support network where I am. I just am unsure how to document my geneology for my sons and their children. I pray attend celebrate Recovery developed by Rick Warren. I work full time, have a spiritual family, meditate, take medication, attend therapy, and social outings. It is a tremendous amount of work, Grace of God, and medical intervention. But I am whole and the family seems to keep secrets from me, and exclude me and my three adult children. suggestions appreciated.

  • Audrey

    I tried discussing this with my mother and her sister as well as step family. They made fun of me by clipping a cartoon out of a magazine and had it laminated and put it by the coffee pot so I would notice it the next morning. When we have family gatherings they always give me incorrect directions so I get lost panic and end up late. They invite me to attend functions where they drink and I have abstained from alcohol since Dec 2011. They do not call, write, text, me. I feel very fragmented and hurt by their insensitivity and cruel jokes. My adult children have asked me, “why don’t they like us?”
    I live in Northeastern Ok, they live in Southeast Texas. Should I even try to educate them with literature? I have known them for 20 years, I was placed for adoption as a baby, When I try to explain they act as if I am feeling sorry for myself and just need to get over it…How can I reeducate them to help?

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