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I’ll be back on-line around the 5th November 2012 – I’m having a rest from the PC!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be on my computer for 3 weeks now.  I am having a rest for once – yay!

I will leave you with my favourite new smoothie recipe – all it consists of is one banana, some semi-skimmed milk (or soya, but I cannot have it with because I take thryoxine and soya milk stops the thyroxine working properly) and 2 pieces of dark 70% dark chocolate, which needs to be at least room temperature or it will not blend well.  Blend the whole lot together and give yourself a few minutes to yourself to enjoy the frothy delight.  YUM!

And, the brilliant thing is that it is great for serotonin production – bananas and chocolate are both ‘feel good’ foods and bananas are full of potassium, selenium and B vitamins, as well as countless other nutrients.  Calcium in the milk… Need I say more… Go on, treat yourself!

Catch you all soon, take care and enjoy life as best you can 🙂

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1 comment to I’ll be back on-line around the 5th November 2012 – I’m having a rest from the PC!

  • Liam

    Hi Amanda,

    Just a brief note to inform you I have started a blog on wordpress entitled “the spirit of Keith Moon”,in relation to my and my friends’ experiences of the mental health system in London particulary the “home” of pyschobabble Hampstead, London NW3, all in attempt to improve the care provided in United Kingdom to sufferers on severe and enduring mental health issues.

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