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Please take responsibility for your pets! How my RSPCA fostering cats malarkey is going!

April Titus cute

April Titus cute

Please take responsibility for your pets!

I re homed Mittens – my first re homing since starting cat fostering!

I now have a wonderful cat called Titus – he is so cute, and we were getting on like a house on fire, but I wondered about taking a second…

So, I offered to take in a second foster cat, but he is still hiding and hissing/growling at Titus and yet was crying in the night. All Titus wants to do is be friends and he has tried so hard! Still is. Instead of being with me all day, he is near the new cat in the bedroom, and barely comes out. He hasn’t wanted my affection either and seems a little depressed.

So, it is very quiet here. I feel so bad for the little one, as he’s really timid apparently and he is going to have to do this all over again I don’t know how many times before he gets his forever home. I do feel that owners should take responsibility for their animals, and if they don’t want them anymore, then try to find them a new home, so they know they will go to a good home and it stops all this moving about in between.

For any of you who have read my book, you will know that my circumstances changing led me to have to part wit h my beloved little cat, and it broke my heart. It is most likely why I cried for a day when Mittens was re homed recently, as it reminded me of when I had to re home my little one. But, I did find her a home. I put an advert in the local newspaper, was inundated with replies. Telephoned them all and narrowed them down until I found someone suitable. I then visited them in their own home, got the idea of why they would get on with my cat as she was also timid with strangers, but great with me, and then gave him my cat, without charge, plus the carry case and everything else I had for her. I think I even gave him some of her favorite food to get her going. It was terribly sad, but I knew she was going to a good home.

Please look after your pets – they have feelings too! We humans can be so very harsh on them!

Amanda 🙂

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4 comments to Please take responsibility for your pets! How my RSPCA fostering cats malarkey is going!

  • Jessy

    How long did it take him to get adjusted?

    • amandagreenauthor

      I didn’t keep the other cat – I only had him for a few days as it wasn’t working out. I have adopted Titus though and am so happy with him, he’s now got freedom to come and go and he enjoys playing, grooming and a tickle 🙂

  • Cathy R

    I owned a pet & livestock company for 27 years and was very involved with several rescue organizations. While people are much more responsible these days, we still have a long way to go. Bless you for your big heart.

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thank you Cathy, I think the biggest problem with some pet owners, is not getting their pets neutered, as this can lead to many unwanted animals, both directly from that cat, and then it’s kittens, their kittens and so on. One cat that isn’t neutered can lead to hundreds of unwanted cats, if their litter isn’t neutered and they have kittens. Shocking!


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