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To risk or not to risk – both are just as risky actually! ‘Balancing Risks’ in your life.

I was in counselling session with a client today and he was saying that he wants to change his life yet fears change and taking risks in case of negative outcomes. He says that it is safer to stay the same. He can stay in his comfort zone if he doesn’t take risks or make changes even though he knows it is not a comfort at all. He feels he doesn’t want to push himself.

I explained the reverse psychology of risk taking… By NOT doing something/taking a risk, we might actually be taking an equal risk.

For example:

“If I look for other relationships, the outcome might be that they leave me, or it doesn’t work out well, or they might pass away and make me feel sad and lonely. (negative automatic thoughts on possible outcomes)

BUT, I say…

“If I don’t look for other relationships, I might be lonely, have low self-esteem, miss out on wonderful shared times and I will have no-one to give my support to.” (Equal negatives)

We might avoid risks by staying in, in case we get run over, but it might be just as likely (which is actually very unlikely) to harm ourselves in the home. It is a risk to DO and a risk to NOT DO.

Therefore, the risks can be just as negative, just in different ways, but NOT DOING ANYTHING is as conscious a decision as DOING SOMETHING.

So, before you decide to avoid change or avoid taking a risk, maybe weighing it up in this way can help you to re-evaluate whether to act or not act upon it.

I’m going to call this evaluation ‘Balancing Risks’ and I will certainly be using this idea for my own thoughts in the future. 🙂

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