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Welcome to Amanda Green’s website

My Alien self my journey back to me Amanda Green e book cover march 2012 My name is Amanda Green (pseudonym), I was born and live in England, UK,  and I set up this website and wrote two memoirs and one self-help book to share with my readers the stories of my issues with mental illness, therapy and recovery. I also write thought provoking, inspiring fiction with the theme of overcoming adversities (abuse, homelessness, mental health, relationships and more)

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I regularly post blogs about coping strategies, inspirational things to do, Borderline Personality disorder, depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety/panic attacks, thyroid issues, eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia), alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse/rape, Quetiapine (Seroquel anti-psychotics) and Citalopram (anti-depressant), therapies such as Cognitive behavioural therapy and paranoia, dissociation and psychosis – all of which I have experienced in one way or another either myself or those I know.  Also info on mental health charities, forums,  campaigns, the stigma surrounding mental illness, some of my personal experiences, celebrities with mental health issues and mental health in the family.

My logo is a locked box and this is because one of the main things I had to do to heal myself was to deal with adverse things that have happened to me in my past and my aim was to put them in a ‘pandoras box’, close the lid on them and lock them away, so that I could forgive and forget the past and concentrate on the future.

Amanda Green pandora box logo

Amanda Green pandora box logo

I realised that holding onto the past was harming me in the present time and it had to stop. Therefore, I decided this would be an apt logo for me to share and be recognised with. Plus green is for ‘go’ (‘go for it’ I thought) and is also my pen name.

You will see the main feature on the ‘My Alien Self : My Journey Back to Me’ book cover is a keyhole in keeping with the locked away bad memories theme…

Read about my book  My Alien Self – My Journey Back To Me by CLICKING HERE. To view or purchase any of my books click on the links to Amazon on the right.  Both memoirs are available as paperback and all are on kindle, but the GREAT news is that you do not need a Kindle reader to read kindle books Find out more by CLICKING HERE

I have also added a sample of my writing – see it by CLICKING HERE  and a small piece from my book about my mum and dad – CLICK HERE 🙂

My personal website is SandraMDean

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10 comments to Welcome to Amanda Green’s website

  • Amanda Green (honestly)

    A friend has just sent me this link and I am looking at your web-site with an open mouth! My name is also Amanda Green and I have borderline personality disorder and several co-morbid ‘issues’, I am also a writer, although not published and I don’t use ‘Green’ professionally. Just wanted to say ‘good for you’ I am giving a speech in a conference end of Sept. and am in the middle of writing it and it has occurred to me that I don’t want to be focusing on what went wrong blah blah but on what I can do and still want to do with my life. I have a Pandora’s box too but I’m tired of carrying it around so I’m opening the lid knowing the past is past, and I’m not wasting a second longer of the present on it. I look forward to reading your book.
    Amanda Green

    • amandagreenauthor

      How lovely to hear from you Amanda! Amanda Green is my pen name, but it’s cool we share the name! I hope you are well and it sounds fabulous that you are delivering a speech and full of positivity. I hope it goes really well 🙂

  • Mary George

    Hello Amanda – I wanted to flag up in advance Eating Disorders Awareness Week in 2014 which runs from 24th February – 2nd March.

    It would be great if you could talk about it nearer the time on your site?
    Kind regards
    Mary George
    Beat Press Officer

  • AngelNicki

    Hi! I saw your blog at Psych Central and clicked on it… I was surprised to see your book is called My Alien Self! My blog is called Diary Of An Alien, referring to how I often feel like an alien on the wrong planet due to my mental health issues. Is that what your title refers to also???

    • amandagreenauthor

      Hi AngelNicki! Yes ‘My Alien Self’ refers to the alien I felt I was when plagued with mental health issues, didn’t understand myself, nor like myself and felt that I was out of control. I will have to check out your blog – well done for sharing your experiences in writing!

      Take care,

      Amanda 🙂

  • Barbara

    Hi Amanda:
    I am a Grandmother raising mentally disabled Grandchildren in Canada, and enjoyed reading some of your posts. I have a blog about the struggles and challenges of raising mentally disabled children which you and your friends might enjoy.

    So many people have mental illness, but are treated as outcasts by society. I see my grandchildren struggle with others’ negative treatment toward them everyday.


  • Naiomi Eliason

    Dear Amanda,

    I’m a marketing manager with Healthline – we provide health information to millions of consumers. We’ve recently developed an interactive learning center dedicated to providing comprehensive information about Bipolar Disorder. We know that this serious mental illness affects millions and have dedicated our efforts to helping in any way we can. We have created a simple infographic to help build awareness of the symptoms, risks and treatment of Bipolar Disorder and would love if you can share this infographic on your blog or social media page(s).

    Would this be something you would be interested in?

    Kind Regards,


  • JJ Keeler

    Are you still doing book reviews? If so, I’d be interested in having you review my book. It’s a memoir about OCD.

    • amandagreenauthor

      Hi there, thanks for your message. I am just in the last edits of my own memoir, but I can make a bit of time to read too. I have not yet read a memoir solely on OCD and as I have suffered a lot with OCD (albeit not as much as you!) I would be interested to read your book and review it 🙂 I have downloaded a sample via kindle and will take a look at that first…

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