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300 famous people & celebrities who have suffered with mental illness, mental health or learning issues help highlight the stigma in our society

Below please find a list of 300 celebrities/famous people (alive and passed) who have or still suffer with mental health problems or illnesses or learning disorders.    I have taken great care to compile this list  from information which is openly available on the internet so to my knowledge it is a true list, but I do not and cannot take responsibility for any mistakes as I do not know any of the people below personally.  This is just a small collection of names of course, since one in four of us suffer with mental health problems at some point in our lives, of course there are many more to add to this list that I don’t know about.  The great shame about my research is that I have not found ONE person who has BPD (borderline personality disorder) or any other personality disorder, apart from Marsha Linehan.  Considering BPD affects 2% of population,  I find it hard to believe that there is not ONE famous person who has BPD or personality disorders.  I believe stigma is to blame for no-one ‘coming out’ about  having BPD or other personality disorders, but I would love to know about more famous people with BPD or a personality disorder – any ideas anyone???  Please help – it would greatly help us raise knowledge of personality disorders to a wider audience.  It is not to say that a celebrity is any more important than any other human being who has mental illness but they have the audience and fan bases to share their stories with…

celebrities with mental health issues illness/disorder
Abbie Hoffman bipolar disorder (speculated)
Abraham Lincoln severe clinical depression
Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) boipolr
Adam Rickett bulimia nervosa
Alanis Morissette clinical depression
Alastair Campbell depression
Albert Einstein dyslexia (speculated)
Alexander Graham Bell dyslexia
Alfred Taubman dyslexia
Ally Sheedy bulimia nervosa; substance abuse
Alma Powell clinical depression
Alonzo Spellman bipolar disorder
Alvin Ailey bipolar disorder (aka “manic depression”)
Amy Heckerling eating disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorder
Angelina Jolie depression and self harm
Anne Sexton clinical depression
Ann-Margret clinical depression; alcoholism
Art Buchwald bipolar disorder
Audrey Hepburn clinical depression; eating disorders
Axl Rose bipolar disorder
Barbara Niven bulimia nervosa
Barbra Streisand social phobia
Ben Moody depression
Ben Stiller bipolar disorder
Ben Vereen clinical depression
Benjamin Disraeli clinical depression
Bert Yancey bipolar disorder
Bill Lichtenstein bipolar disorder
Bill Oddie bipolar
Billy Joel alcohol and depression
Billy Joel clinical depression
Boris Yeltsin clinical depression
Brian Wilson bipolar disorder
Britney Spears bipolar and post natal depression
Brooke Shields postpartum depression
Burgess Meredith bipolar disorder
Buzz Aldrin clinical depression
Calvin Coolidge clinical depression (speculated)
Carly Simon social phobia
Carmen Miranda clinical depression
Caroline Aherne major depressive disorder
Carrie Fisher bipolar disorder, substance abuse;
Cary Grant clinical depression
catherine zeta jones bipolar II
Charles “Buddy” Bolden schizophrenia
Charles Darwin severe panic disorder
Charles Dickens clinical depression; bipolar disorder (suspected)
Charles Faust schizophrenia
Charles Schulz clinical depression
Charles Schwab dyslexia
Charley Pell clinical depression
Charley Pride bipolar disorder; alcoholism
Clara Bow clinical depression
Cole Porter clinical depression; alcoholism; paranoid delusions; obsessive-compulsive disorder (speculated)
Connie Francis clinical depression
Courtney Love drub abuse, clinical depression
Craig Ferguson alcoholic
Craig McCaw dyslexia
Dame Kelly Holmes depression and self harm
Damon Wayans clinical depression
Daniel Johns clinical depression; anxiety disorder;eating disorder 
Danny Glover learning disability
Darryl Strawberry clinical depression
David Boies dyslexia
David Bowie crying but not diagnosed but lots of family mental health issues
David Murdock dyslexia
Delta Burke depression and compulsive hoarding
Denise Welch nervous breakdown
Diane Arbus clinical depression
Dick Cavett depression – found electro shock therapy helpful
Dick Clark clinical depression
Dimitrius Underwood bipolar disorder
DMX bipolar
Dolly Parton clinical depression
Donald Trump possible OCD
Donny Osmond clinical depression; social phobia
Dorothy Day clinical depression
Doug Ferrari borderline personality disorder
Doug Flutie, Jr. autism
Drew Barrymore clinical depression; alcoholism, substance abuse;
Drew Carey clinical depression
Dwight Gooden clinical depression
Earl Campbell panic disorder
Edgar Allan Poe clinical depression (speculated); alcoholism
Edward McVaney dyslexia
Elizabeth Hartman clinical depression (speculated)
Elton John  substance abuse and bulimia
Emily Carr various speculations, neurasthenia; hypochondriasis; clinical depression; conversion disorder; schizophrenia:
Emma Thompson clinical depression
Eric Clapton clinical depression
Ernest Hemingway clinical depression
Eugene O’Neill clinical depression
F. Scott Fitzgerald clinical depression
Fiona Phillips depression
Frances Lear bipolar disorder;, substance abuse
Francis Ford Coppola bipolar disorder
Frank Bruno bipolar
Frank Lloyd Wright clinical depression
Gaetano Donizetti bipolar disorder
Gail Porter post natal depression
George Eliot (Marian Evans) clinical depression
George Michael depression and fear
George S. Patton clinical depression; dyslexia
George Washington learning disability
Georgia O’Keeffe clinical depression
Graeme Obree depression
Halle Berry suicide attempt
Harrison Ford clinical depression
Harry Andersen learning disability
Hart Crane clinical depression; alcoholism
Heath Ledger depression, anxiety and sleep depravation
Henry Winkler learning disability
Herb McCauley bulimia nervosa
Hermann Hesse clinical depression
Herschel Walker dissociative identity disorder
Howard Hughes OCD (clinical depression and psychosis both speculated
Howard Stern obsessive-compulsive disorder
Howie Mandel obsessive-compulsive disorder
Hugh Laurie depression
Hunter Tylo clinical depression
Irving Berlin clinical depression
Isaac Newton bipolar disorder (suspected)
J.P. Morgan bipolar disorder
Jack Dee depression  
Jack Farrell clinical depression
Jack Irons bipolar disorder
Jack Kerouac clinical depression, substance abuse, severe alcoholism;
Jackson Pollock clinical depression; substance abuse
Jaco Pastorius bipolar disorder; alcoholism; substance abuse
James Dean Bradfield bipolar
James Forrestal clinical depression
James Garner clinical depression
James Taylor clinical depression; bipolar disorder
Jane Fonda bulimia nervosa
Jane Pauley bipolar
Janet Jackson clinical depression
Jean-Claude Van Damme bipolar disorder
Jessica Alba OCD and eating disorder
Jessica Lange clinical depression
Jim Carrey clinical depression
Jimmy Piersall bipolar disorder
Joan Rivers clinical depression; bulimia nervosa
Joey Kramer clinical depression
Joey Slinger clinical depression
John Chambers dyslexia
John Daly bipolar disorder; alcoholism, gambling addiction;
John Forbes Nash schizophrenia (paranoid-type)
John Gibson bipolar disorder
John Kenneth Galbraith clinical depression
John Madden specific phobia (flying)
John Mulheren bipolar disorder
John Nash schizophrenia
John Quincy Adams clinical depression
Jose Canseco clinical depression
Joshua Logan bipolar disorder
Judy Garland clinical depression;,substance abuse
Jules Feiffer clinical depression
Julie Krone post-traumatic stress disorder; clinical depression
Justine Bateman eating disorders
Karen Carpenter anorexia nervosa
Karen Kain clinical depression
Kate Millett bipolar disorder
Katie Price/Jordan post natal depression
Keisha Buchanan depression
Kendall Gill clinical depression
Kim Basinger panic disorder
Kitty Dukakis bipolar disorder, alcoholism; substance abuse;
Kris Kristopherson clinical depression; substance abuse
Kristy McNichol bipolar disorder
Kurt Cobain attention deficit disorder and bipolar depression
Kurt Vonnegut clinical depression/bipolar
Kylie Minogue depression
Larry Flynt bipolar disorder
Larry King clinical depression
Lawton Chiles clinical depression
Lenny Henry depression
Leo Tolstoy clinical depression; hypochondriasis; alcoholism; substance abuse
Leonard Bernstein clinical depression
Leonard Cohen clinical depression
Lewis Preston dyslexia
Linda Hamilton bipolar disorder
Lionel Aldridge schizophrenia (paranoid-type)
Lord Bragg depression
Ludwig van Beethoven bipolar disorder
Macy Gray bipolar
Marc Summers obsessive-compulsive disorder
Margaret Trudeau Kemper bipolar disorder
Margaux Hemingway dyslexia; alcoholism; clinical depression (speculated)
Margot Kidder manic depression (Bipolar) and paranoia
Marie Osmond clinical depression, post-partum
Marilyn Monroe clinical depression/suicide
Mark Rothko clinical depression
Marsha Linehan bpd
Meg Mathews depression
Megan Fox ??? She hasn’t been diagnosed
Mel C: depression
Mel Gibson bipolar  
Melinda Messenger depression
Meriwether Lewis clinical depression
Michael Phelps  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Mike Tyson depression and severe insecurities and anger
Mike Wallace clinical depression
Morrissey (S.P.) clinical depression
Murray Pezim bipolar disorder
Natalie Cole clinical depression
Ned Beatty bipolar disorder
Neil Lennon depression
Neil Simon clinical depression
Nelson Rockefeller dyslexia
Nicole Kidman panic attacks on the red carpet
Norman Mailer clinical depression
Ozzy Osbourne bipolar
Pablo Picasso clinical depression
Pat Lafontaine clinical depression
Patricia Cornwell bipolar disorder, anorexia nervosa, anorexia bulimia;;
Patrick Kennedy clinical depression
Patsy Palmer depression and panic attacks
Patty Duke bipolar disorder
Paul Gascoigne clinical depression
Paul Simon clinical depression
Paula Abdul bullimia nervosa
Paula Deen Agoraphobia and panic attacks
Pete Harnisch clinical depression
Peter Gabriel clinical depression
Peter Greene schizophrenia
Phil Spector clinical depression/bipolar
Pierre Péladeau bipolar disorder
Princess Diana Bulimia nevosa, depression and multiple suicide attempts
Queen Victoria clinical depression
Ray Charles clinical depression
Richard Branson dyslexia
Richard Dreyfuss clinical depression/bipolar
Richard Simmons anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa;
Richey James clinical depression, anorexia nervosa;;alcoholism
Rick Springfield clinical depression
Ricky Williams social phobia
Robbie Williams depression
Robert Boorstin bipolar disorder
Robert Campeau bipolar disorder
Robert Lowell bipolar disorder
Robert McFarlane clinical depression
Robert Munsch bipolar disorder
Robert Young clinical depression; alcoholism
Robin Williams clinical depression, learning disability;
Rod Steiger clinical depression
Rodney Dangerfield clinical depression
Roseanne dissociative identity disorder (aka “multiple personality disorder”); obsessive-compulsive disorder; clinical depression; agoraphobia
Rosemary Clooney bipolar
Ruby Wax depression
Russell Grant depression
Sandra Dee anorexia nervosa
Sarah Lancashire depression
Sarah McLachlan clinical depression
Scott Donie clinical depression
Shayne Corson panic attacks
Shecky Greene bipolar disorder, with severe panic attacks
Sheryl Crow clinical depression
Sigmund Freud clinical depression
Sinead O’Connor bipolar
Sir Anthony Hopkins clinical depression
Sir Elton John bulimia nervosa; substance abuse, alcoholism;
Sophie Anderton drug addiction and depression
Spencer Tracy clinical depression; alcoholism
Spike Milligan bipolar disorder
Stephen Fry bipolar depression
Steve Blass social phobia
Steve Sax social phobia
Sting (Gordon Sumner) clinical depression
Susan Powter clinical depression
Syd Barrett schizophrenia
Sylvia Plath clinical depression
Tammy Wynette clinical depression, substance abuse;
Ted Turner bipolar disorder
Tennessee Williams clinical depression
Theodore Dreiser clinical depression
Thomas Alva Edison dyslexia
Thomas Eagleton clinical depression
Tiberius clinical depression (speculated)
Tipper Gore clinical depression
Tom Cruise dyslexia
Tony Slattery bipolar
Tracey Gold anorexia nervosa, attention deficit disorder;
Tracy Thompson clinical depression
Trisha Goddard depression
Tulisa’s mum Tulisa’s mum had scizoaffective disorder
Uma Thurman depression
Vaslav Nijinsky schizophrenia
Veronica Lake schizophrenia; alcoholism
Vincent Foster clinical depression (speculated)
Vincent van Gogh clinical depression; bipolar disorder (speculated)
Vivien Leigh bipolar disorder after miscarriage
Walker Percy clinical depression
Walt Disney dyslexia
Whoopi Goldberg dyslexia
William Hewlett dyslexia
William Styron clinical depression
Winona Ryder clinical depression; anxiety
Winston Churchill bipolar disorder; dyslexia
Woodrow Wilson dyslexia
Yves Saint Laurent clinical depression

 20th August update in memory of Robin William’s death last week. Suicide, drugs, alcohol and depression CLICK HERE FOR THE MEMORY OF ROBIN WILLIAMS


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65 comments to 300 famous people & celebrities who have suffered with mental illness, mental health or learning issues help highlight the stigma in our society

  • BlueS

    What about Dolores O’Riordan? Very famous, wealthy and notable singer with a beautiful heart.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    What about Virginia Woolf? I can’t believe she’s not on this list.

  • roxy

    Based on the description Demi Lovato herself gave of her symptoms I suspect she has a borderline diagnoses in addition to the ones she publicly acknowledges .Given how much stigma the diagnoses has, even within the mental health profession, it makes sense that few if any celebrities would want to acknowledge it publicly.In the case of the borderline diagnosis lack of celebrity disclosure might actually be a good thing given how often the diagnoses is misused by mental health providers (some “professionals” consider self harm or multiple suicide attempts alone to be enough to warrant the diagnoses, others apply it when a patient’s condition doesn’t respond well to treatment, or to patients who seem stubborn or who dare to argue or whose mood cycles don’t seem to exactly fit the existing types of bipolar diagnoses).Another factor that may be at play is that professionals are often not open and honest with patients when they apply the diagnosis (you can’t come out in the open with a secret even you don’t even know about).Marsha Lineman and a few others have tried to shed a more positive light on borderlinePD and the DBT she developed has given new hope to some recipients of what had been an even more dismal diagnoses (hats off to them for their efforts) but it remains a fundamentally flawed diagnosis. I beleive it is primarily an inaccurate and over all harmful label that should be eliminated entirely, not just because of the stigma and misleading name but because of the even greater harm it creates by lumping together people who’s actual conditions may be very different and require different treatment (the way the DSM criteria are written 2 people with the diagnoses may not have any criteria in common).This is especially important in this era of the (desperately over due) brain initiative that may shed an entirely new light on all mental illnesses and the methods used to diagnose them. PS sorry for rambling

  • Dr.P

    Everyone who is genius and have above normal IQ level is susceptible to have some form of mental disorder. the reason behind this is their nature of seeing and evaluating the life in just different perspective.Such people are sensitive, intuitive and almost perfectionist with lot of eccentricity to add on the beauty in different shades of life. Thus, if you belong this group. You indeed is genius…. Cheers.

  • sammy

    great list, good to know you are not the only one. Also, Jim Morison of the Doors had BPD

  • Lisa

    In the book “Diana: In Search of Herself” By Sally Bedell Smith, Princess Di is said to have Borderline Personality disorder

    • Stephen

      Society spent more time focusing on Freddie Mercury’s struggle with his sexuality – yet really they should have been focusing on the fact that he was clearly suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Evan

    If history has taught us anything it is that mental health is a relative term. Those looking back at WW2 Germany remarked that people are crazy and can be lead to do and believe almost anything! Kurt Vonnegut who wrote very insightfully about those times in his books Slaughterhouse 5, and Mother Night is ironically on your list of the mentally ill I myself who suffer from bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia share the common insight amount mentally ill people that when I have both wheels on the ground that it is the normal people who are unbalanced! Perhaps this is the nature of the unfinished evolutionary experiment that is mental illness. We are better than normal, we are the future, we see things through a clearer lense thought it sometimes goes awry. Often it is we who feel rightfully sorry for you normals.

  • Me

    I have heard Anne sexton had bpd

  • Hayley

    Steve jobs and John Macenroe both have/ had Boaderline Personality Disorder

  • Lucy

    I’m not famous, except in my local area as I openly live with DID/MPD.
    I do believe that there is a strong connection between Mental Health issues
    and creativity, as an artist, sculptor, writer, actor ext.
    Every person that I’ve come into contact with who has MH problems also has
    a strong creative streak.
    On the other hand not all creative people have NH issues.
    Great list and good to see more awareness being made of the differences some
    of us live with :~)

    • amandagreenauthor

      I agree totally and I am very pleased to hear that you share your experiences with others – it all helps to educate people and stop stigma. I wish you all the best 🙂

    • Stephen

      You are a superhero 🙂

      I’m only just getting full awareness of my DID, a bi-product of Borderline Personality Disorder and know what a confusing chaotic mess it can be.

      Bloody good show for posting!

  • Darbio

    If you are going to bother with a hack like Thomas Edison at all then you simply must mention Tesla. Nikola Tesla was better at his trade than Edison and a whole lot crazier.

  • Kristian

    Hi Amanda,

    My son has big problems and has just been given ADHD meds. We’ve also suspected various other things like ODD on top, maybe dyspraxia, maybe Asperger’s etc. My wife thought maybe bi-polar because of his mood-swings, anger, low self-esteem etc.

    But yesterday I stumbled across BPD and it sounds like the one, but it also rang bells with me I’m afraid. My son has more issues and maybe more severe BPD than me, but anyway – I was also thinking (being a Beatles aficionado) how much like John Lennon BPD sounds.

    A non-leading google search comes up trumps. No wonder Julian (Lennon) says in interviews when he recognises his father’s traits in himself, he tries to cancel them. He says this is why he won’t get married and have kids – he sees the whole cycle repeating (John’s own father ran off, and John was a terrible father to Julian – the rest of John’s character is well-documented).

    I know ADHD can be hereditary but I don’t know about BPD… Anyway, John Lennon needs adding to the list!



  • Omar

    Kim Kardashian is thought to be NPD/BPD, I read an article online by a psychiatrist which seems to be pretty on point.

  • amandagreenauthor

    I shall look out for those videos Jake and I have ‘Goddess’ and should really get round to reading it. When I was twenty (twenty years ago now!) my boyfriend at the time read it and said she reminded him of me…

    Oh yes do read my memoirs – I really do think you will enjoy them. I had all nine symptoms of BPD, OCD, anxiety and depression and I am sure it will make interesting reading for you.

    Hopefully it will help you with your own issues as well 🙂

  • amandagreenauthor

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful and interesting comment with so much information. Well I cannot bear Vanessa Feltz anyway – just seen the article here: where she says “TV moguls making fame seem accessible to any exhibitionist with a borderline personality disorder” mmm Vanessa you are very disappointing and you need to get your facts right before spouting off about people with mental illness!

  • Tahlia

    Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) has Bipolar Disorder.

  • Christine

    Lena Zavaroni needs to be added. She died of Anorexia Nervosa in 1999 at age 36. It’s also suspected that she had bipolar disorder as well. Her Mother also committed suicide in 1989.

  • Toomanytocount

    As a person who suffers from multiple forms of mental illness please keep in mind that BPD and Bipolar can exist in one person a well as major depressive disorder. Many people who have mental illness are also diagnosed with secondary illnesses. It is also common for someone who suffers from alcohol or drug addiction to suffer from an undiagnosed mental illness. Russel Brand was a Heroin Addict. The lead from Red Hot Chili Peppers was a heroin addict. Jimmy Hendrix was a drug addict. Leif Garret was a drug addict. Tony Harting was an alcoholic. Gary Busse (sp) was a drug addict. Robert Downey Jr. was a drug addict. Heath Ledger committed suicide with sleeping pills. The list is endless. May by the way is Mental Illness Awareness Month!! 😀 There is far more stigma concerning mental illness so lots of people self medicate in the form of drug and alcohol addiction. Not saying all, but the majority I’ve met were. Hope this info helps! Thank you for the list.

    • Anastacie

      I commend your post.God bless you. Having similar(multi, biologically occurring),diagnosed mental disorders, I believe you’ve hit the nail right on the head,lady.;) The Goliath problem is, society doesn’t consider the daily battle that severely, mentally ill persons are challenged with. Most days, just getting out of bed is a major feat, worthy of encouragement from some one near & dear to us. Unfortunately, many of those suffering don’t have such support. Mental illness of any kind, is a daily struggle/battle. It can be likened to a continual EF1 tornado, constantly tossing our thoughts, hopes, self esteem, energy, concentration, feelings & emotions to and fro. Medication will help some and counseling will help some. Better yet, both will help many more. However, on the whole, many persons suffering through the battle of a mental illness(s), will resort to alcohol &/or drugs/pain killers just to get through a rough day(s). It’s a matter of time til circumstances (be they failures, hopeless thoughts/feelings, lack of family &/or social support, lack of purpose and energy, lack of money and purpose, til some of us may break. PLEASE, society, family & friends, help us by accepting us with an act so simple, as a hug or word of encouragement. Medication & counseling can provide a way&will for us to live for some time. We must seek those resources if not through our family(s), then on our own. The support of our family & friends, who know our daily battle matter, do mean the most. Not to be a “Debbie Downer,” but statistically, numbers speak louder than words. Please don’t let those you love become just another number in the mental illness death statistic. PLEASE, just love and accept us, even if you don’t understand us.:) Let’s those of us who can, ban together on this site to support one another, by declaring August, as “Mental Health Awareness,” month. Thank you all. May God help and bless all your lives with hope and prosperity. 🙂

      • amandagreenauthor

        Wishing you all the best Anastacie and I hope that you can keep spreading the word about how mental illness feels and how stigma hurts – you have a talent for writing it down 🙂

  • brent h

    Brian wilson baseball pitcher definitly bpd or bipolar Ray Lewis? Roger clemons? Threw bat at mike pizzia lol barry bonds also very narcisstic miley cyrus kristian stewart?

  • Sheilah

    Reassuring to know that I am not ‘alone’ .

  • lilly

    you forgot yeardley smith she had bulimia

  • Courtney.H

    Bella Thorne she has dyslexia

  • Cynthia S

    Helga I wanted to chime in on your comment not all people who committ suicide have a mental health diagnoosis.

    • Helga

      Hello Cynthia! Yes it’s true, very many reasons for suicide, but many reasons unknown. A lot to do with life situations I’m sure, like financial difficulties etc. I do know that I read from a survivor of jumping off a bridge once that his last thought was ‘no, I’ve changed my mind!’ What a thought! x

  • Helga

    Also footballers Gary Speed who committed suicide, and Stan Collymore who has had depression.

  • Helga

    Tony Scott, not sure if he had a diagnosed mental illness but he did commit suicide. Goldie Hawn has had anxiety and depression, and is doing some good work to educate young people on mental health. JK Rowling has suffered depression. All highly successful people. Hard to know if some people make it so big despite of or because of certain traits which are labeled as illness. No secret that creative people are more prone to depression – double edged sword!

  • Tyler

    Mary Kay Bergman was a renowned voice actress who suffered bipolar disorder before she commit suicide.

  • Kim

    Hoffman sorry I meant to say

  • Kim

    Unfortunately you have to add the late Phillip-Seymour Phillips to this list.

  • Phatgzus

    Emily Dickinson suffered from severe clinical depression.
    Mitch Hedberg suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, and reportedly agoraphobia.
    Van Morrison has also been speculated to have agoraphobia as well as a form of personality disorder.

  • Anon

    Angelina Jolie and the comedian Doug Ferrari both have been diagnosed with BPD.

  • GAA

    Also don’t forget Amanda Bynes’ new diagnosis of schizophrenia

  • GAA

    Rapper Eminem was said to have a form of bipolar disorder (and substance abuse) according to his mother. It is also evident in many of his songs. Also many people speculate that Angelina Jolie might have BPD.

  • Topaz

    Interesting! Anna Nicole Smith was also diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Alicia

    Louis Wain should be added to the list. He was an artist who made really sweet drawings of cats in an anthropomorphic fashion. Later in his life he made cats in a much more patterned/abstract manner, said to be influenced by his schizophrenia. Please consider adding him to this list. He deserves more recongition. 🙂

  • kerry

    Macaulay culkin suffered alcoholism after the death of a family member and still suffers today

    Amy winehouse self harm drugs abuse and alcoholism

  • Dreamscape

    Adam duritz lead singer of popular alternative band Counting Crows has stated he has Depersonalization disorder. Also german writer Franz Kafka was suspected of having Schizoid personality disorder. Great list! 🙂

  • Heath W

    Just wanted to say that the latest information out there is that Dyslexia, though very serious, is not a mental illness. According to the the DSM (a “dictionary” of mental illness published by the American Psychiatric Association) it is actually considered “physical” disability. Its a problem with physical function rather than a chemical imbalance which most research is showing mental illness (and substance abuse) to be. Kind of a thin line of distinction but hopefully helpful. Awesome list!

    • amandagreenauthor

      Interesting and thank you for clarifying that – although I have never called it a mental illness, I just listed it under the umbrella of ‘issue’ as in the list name (mental illness or issues), which is different to ‘mental illness’ (I know it is not a mental illness classification) but if it is only physical, then I admit I am incorrect that it is a mental issue 🙂

  • Cassandra-Jayne

    I am led to believe Marilyn Monroe had borderline personality disorder, it’s the closest diagnosis for her symptoms, and in general the way she was. I have been studying her for a good while now, the majority of info online suggests bipolar, although, most people with borderline personality disorder are diagnosed with bipolar first, (I wasn’t but from what i’ve heard, most are) because it’s quite a difficult illness to diagnose and BPD didn’t ‘exist’ (Have it’s name all of those years ago). She constantly craved love, attention, hated being alone, had several unstable interpersonal relationships, a poor self image, feeling disassociated. She was an amazing woman, with amazing strength, I wish I had her strength, although the media changed her, as she was formally known as Norma Jeane Mortenson, becoming a role model & icon, she felt wanted and loved, that’s how she partly filled that ‘void’.
    Long live Marilyn Monroe <3

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thank you Cassandra-Jayne, I too have read a lot about Marilyn Monroe possibly having BPD due to her personality and behaviours. It reminds me, I have a book about her that I must read soon! 🙂

  • Sharleen R

    Great list – Clara Bow was also diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  • Janine

    I read that Marilyn Monroe possibly suffered from histrionic personality disorder, characterised by her tendencies to need attention, to be flirtatious and seductive, suffer from extreme fear of abandonment and a creation of a separate persona. Also, Steve Jobs may have suffered from Narcissistic personality disorder – strange eating habits, strange office and personal habits, ability to hurt others without empathy, ability to create unique world views and generate followers, extreme sensitivity to criticism.

  • Fati

    Princess Diana actually is known to have had BPD (just like me).
    Demi Lovato has Bipolar Disorder.

  • .

    Star wide receiver on the Chicago Bears, Brandon Marshall has and advocates for Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • anonymous

    well celebrities go through alot of stress most of the time

  • Melissa

    We are all the same at heart whether famous or not goes to show we are all human.

  • Paddy

    Kerry Katona – English pop start formally of the Girl group Atomic Kitten suffered Bipolar disorder and Drug addiction.

    Robbie Williams also has Social Anxiety Disorder like myself.

  • Charlotte Ri

    Stan Collymore. – English soccer player allegedly has BPD, although he never refers to it on his Twitter feeds, he always bangs on about ‘depression’

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