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A great way to start the day – fruit smoothie, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a little dance and vitamin supplements

fruit smoothie and acidophilus

fruit smoothie and acidophilus

Since replacing my blender, I have started doing a fruit smoothie every day for breakfast. I didn’t realise just how much I missed them! They are absolutely delicious and packed with goodness. I use a banana as a base food as it is packed with potassium and helps produce serotonin in the brain (aiding depressive moods). Then I might add melon, strawberries, blueberries (marvellous anti-oxidant) or raspberries. This one I made this morning in the picture is banana, strawberry and raspberry, hence its very red colour.

With my smoothie, I take Lactobacillus Acidophilus (at the moment a combined ‘blend’ bead called ‘Probiotic Acidophilus’) which is great for my IBS. I have been taking it for years now and when I recently had some tummy issues I realised that I had stopped taking it for about 6 weeks so promptly went out and bought some. I do have probiotic yoghurt but not every day so it clearly wasn’t enough to keep my gut in good order and full of healthy bacteria!

I also take a Co-Enzyme Q10 to try to aid the production of energy from my food (trying to compensate for the lack of energy I have due to my ‘Hypothyroidism’ (under active thyroid) and a milk thistle to cleanse my liver due to all the drinking I used to do. Then throughout the day I might take an anti-oxidant such as Selenium with A, C and E and I take zinc to fend off colds and infection.

I have my smoothie after one cup of tea and a fresh coffee. Oh, and if I am in a really good mood or want to get into a good mood, I put some music on and have a little dance and sing-a-long – it does work, give it a go sometime! Very energising for mind, body and soul.

Just thought I would share that with you!

How do you start your day? Do you suffer with IBS? hypothyroidism (under active thyroid)? BPD? OCD? depression? anxiety or any other mental illness?  I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Take care,

Amanda 🙂


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4 comments to A great way to start the day – fruit smoothie, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a little dance and vitamin supplements

  • Lloyd L

    When our daughter was still a child and then teen going to public school, I’d get up early every morning—before she came out of her room—and made sure she had a smoothie that I designed to be brain food and get her going for the day. In fact, I made enough for the whole family.

    I think it helped. She’s 24 now, graduated from Stanford last June and is already working in a job that pays well with lots of benefits. She also seems to watch carefully what she eats—most of the time, I hope.

    I actually found the recipe. It’s rather complicated.

    I called it the Sunrise Brain Booster. This recipe is for three tall water glasses and one short water glass (four people). Adjust recipe/quantities according to your needs. You can also buy most of these organic at a large health food store like Whole Foods.

    A long term study that took place in Britain with thousands of grade school children demonstrated that a glass of fresh orange juice (vitamin C) with breakfast helped the brain work more efficiently resulting in a higher overall average grade for that study group and an improved reading level above that of the group that did not drink the orange juice.

    Other studies show that we should consume a rainbow of natural foods to achieve enhanced brain function and health. With that in mind, I created this smoothie and our daughter drinks a tall glass each morning as part of her breakfast. She reads a few years above grade level and has earned straight A‘s in all subjects, including AP and Honor‘s classes, since kindergarten. She is a scholar athlete and is ranked in the top ten for high school varsity in the state of California in Pole Vault. Diet is important. The proper fuel for our brain is important too. Of course, she has parents that support her doing homework and reading outside of school.

     Put the fresh fruit in first and the frozen fruit on top.
     One third of a ripe banana
     One full ripe small or mid sized orange without the skin
     One small sized green apple.
     One sixth of a ripe lemon with the skin (This gives the smoothie a zingy, refreshing taste. Without this slice of lemon it isn’t the same.)
     Eight pitted Deglet Noor dates (bought from COSTCO in 3.5 pound container. Squeeze each one to make sure a pit wasn’t left in. It happens sometimes and the blender sounds like it is flying apart.)
     Three pitted prunes (bought in a bag at COSTCO–they last a long time. Squeeze the prunes for pits too to make sure they are free.)
     One cup of 100% unsweetened pomegranate juice (purchased at COSTCO.)
     One soft, ripe kiwi (washed with or without the skin. They sell them at COSTCO. To get them soft put them in a paper bag for about seven to ten days with two apples. Once soft store in refrigerator. They last for a long time. You can even put the paper bag inside a plastic bag to speed up the process. Once they are soft, slice in two and use a spoon to scoop out the green fruit meat.)
     One cup of frozen blueberries (bought a huge bag at COSTCO)
     Five or six slices of frozen peaches (bought at Trader Joe’s–best price for this type of frozen fruit)
     Five or six chunks of frozen mango (bought at Trader Joe’s or at Whole Foods–the best price is at Trader Joe’s but they don’t always have it.)
     Three to five frozen strawberries (bought at COSTCO in a huge bag)
     I have replaced the previous three with a frozen blend I buy at Costco that includes mango, papaya, strawberries and pineapple.
     Add water to the five to six cup line on the blender. Run the blender until the mix is smooth with no chunks We use a Vita Mix blender, the kind I understand that Jamba Juice uses

  • joann

    Thank you! Hx. of BPD, GAD, some OCD, hypothyroidism, heart dis. with pacemaker/defibrulator, diabetes, IBS (presently controlled)am convinced of connection between diet and mental/physical health; am desirous of learning and practicing helpful nutrition. In past one year have gone from incapacitating depression, diarrhea, contracted Shingles was paralyzed due to drug reaction of lithium/lyrica, had diabetic coma, two admissions to critical care (unresponsive, no pulse)and now in Assisted Living Facility, walking (use of ‘walker’)normal bowel,and improved mental status (no psych. meds).

  • ROMI

    I also have BPD,depression,anxiety & sort of OCD body repetitive behavior & also make a fruit smoothie for breakfast,but add some leafy greens for extra nutrition.
    I wrote about nutrition for mental health & have included some recipes in my blog, as well as information on research being carried out about the mind-gut (Probiotics & mental health)connection you might find interesting.

    All the Best =)

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