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Appreciate today, live for today, new born seal pups and nature

July common Seals 2014

July common Seals 2014

July common Seal 2014 mum and pup

July common Seal 2014 mum and pup

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be taken on a boat trip to see seals in the wild. About six weeks ago we saw both common seals and grey seals, but yesterday there were only common seals. However, the reason for our return was to see all the new baby seal pups born just a couple of weeks ago!

I was, as usual, busy with my SLR taking pictures of a mum and pup in the water, when our guide told us that the baby was actually dead. Although the mum only looks after seal pups for around three weeks anyway before they go off to be independent, her bond with her pup is so great that even in its early death, they will still stay with the pup for a few days, protecting it as if it were alive.

July Seals dead pup and mum

July Seals dead pup and mum

July common seal 2014

July common seal 2014

That was very sad news, and a reminder that adversity, pain, horror or death can come along any time and turn our lives upside down – if we are the survivors of course.

And this is why I was keen, and have managed, to get back my feeling of ‘Live for Today!’ I know responsibility takes over at times, and my mental health distress took away all those optimistic and positive feelings for a while, but now they are back and I do, every day, wake up and appreciate that I am still here and able to do things that I enjoy.

It was wonderful to see wild seals in a natural environment, hanging out and living
normally. And what with the badgers last week I feel honoured to have seen these sights.


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1 comment to Appreciate today, live for today, new born seal pups and nature

  • linda h

    Oh that is so sad. I know exactly what you mean about seeing that being a wake up call of sorts. Nature is pretty cruel sometimes, isn’t it – but beautiful too. #sundayblogshare

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