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Child abuse, child bullying and mental illness in children – using family support to help children through these difficult times – parents and children, you are not alone!

Encouraging youngsters to talk and parents to listen…

When I was younger, I wish I had phoned the NSPCC (CLICK HERE TO OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW) , Childline (CLICK HERE TO OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW) or another child support line for help, but unfortunately I tried to handle everything by myself. When I became mentally ill myself in my thirties, and unable to get the support I needed, I began a journey of self discovery, going back on every detail of my life – childhood diaries, letters, and adult SMS and emails, photos – everything I could get my hands on!

I found many secrets from my childhood – from physical and mental abuse from within my family, sexual abuse outside of the family, when 15, (and again at 32) depression, eating disorders, anxiety and self harm and I had good and bad experiences with my mentally ill mother, both with her and from children at School who bullied me about my mum being in an Asylum. Borderline personality disorder and OCD were also evidenced at a much younger age than I had imagined.

I am a strong person and have managed to overcome many of my symptoms, but it became clear to me that my mental illness did not just arrive in my thirties, it began all the way back from when I was around nine and manifested itself to higher levels during my adolescence to adult years. I have since been in abusive relationships, both with myself and guys being the abusers, physically and mentally. I have also allowed myself to suffer in unnecessary, upsetting situations, put upon me by others and myself.

Lucky for me, I have recovered and have had some very lovely experiences as a result of some symptoms such as ‘impulsivity’ and coming out of the darkness of depression. OCD obsessive symptoms also helped me to write my book and collect all the communications that are in it.

However, I wanted to make it very clear that if I had been treated when I was young, if I had reached my hand out for help from the NSPCC or another such charity, then maybe I wouldn’t have had to experience all the years of torment and suicidal thoughts, which do come back to visit me from time to time.

I would urge all parents to really communicate with their children. Anxiety or depression issues recognised and the child supported. Or abuse/bullying issues stopped or prevented in childhood (whether they are the abused/bullied or the abuser/bully, then you may just be saving your child, or another child from a life of misery or even worse. My parents were tied up in their own problems, understandably, but it is important that if you bring a child into this world that you try your very best to look after and look out for them. They didn’t ask to be born, after all!

No-one ever needs to be on their own with their major issues – if you find it all too much to deal with in your family, then there are also many family support associations, such as Care for the Family (CLICK HERE TO OPEN THEIR WEBSITE IN A NEW WINDOW) and many more worldwide.

If you would like to see more of my recommended links, please CLICK HERE (will open in a new page)

Take care!

Amanda 😀

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2 comments to Child abuse, child bullying and mental illness in children – using family support to help children through these difficult times – parents and children, you are not alone!

  • roweeee

    Amanda, Thank you so much for sharing this. It reminds me to keep fighting for my kids and to be there for them more. I live with a fairly severe auto-immune disease and both my kids have some health issues too so we can do it pretty tough at times. You remind me of the importance to keep fighting. Not to be complacent, which given what we deal with, isn’t easy. It’s hard to keep picking everybody up time and time again, especially when you’re not well but I want us all to be the very best we can be. For the acorn to grow up and be that proud, strong oak teeming with life! xx Rowena

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thank you for reading and commenting Rowena. Sorry to hear of the adversities your family and you face, but glad you make the most of life. That’s important. 🙂

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