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Cycling, fitness, group analytical psychotherapy, triggering and learning to be a counsellor

So I cycled and walked all the way to/from analytical group today! Why is that so special you may ask… Well, I brought the bike back home two weeks ago, did a trial run, didn’t realise how hilly/up/down the roads were because I drive everywhere, and it made me feel physically sick and I could barely stand up after. My chest hurt for 2 hours and I hadn’t been on it since! LOL I didn’t realise how unfit I was!

So I took it easy today, not like I was in a race with an audience watching, I soaked up the sunshine and warmth, bumped into a friend who runs a market stall in town and got to my group on time (I have a tendency to be just on time or late).

The only downer was that group, like last week, focused on one person, and both weeks listening to others has been very triggering as there are so many similarities in their past and present to mine. I didn’t realise how hard it is to listen to others’ problems and am finding the same in my college counselling class as we are focusing on triggering at the moment.

But, I said last week that my group therapy is getting me used to hearing others’ problems and with time, things will become less triggering and I will be more able to help a wide range of clients when qualified and working as a counsellor, as I won’t take it all to heart. I will be able to separate other people’s problems to my own, be able to help them without bias and yet I will be able to empathise. AND, I hope I will be able to switch off to things that upset me, like previous child or animal neglect, stuff like that, but that will be very hard. I have never done such things, but just hearing about child neglect in my group therapy makes me so upset, both for the child and the mother. I was partly neglected myself, but it’s not just that, I just find it very upsetting for many reasons. I need to be unbiased to be a counsellor and I do think I am learning to be less biased as I get older.  (although I will not if they are very bad things as I just wouldn’t be able to) That is what counselling is all about and it will be hard work and a draining job so I am told, but I will have to ensure I can switch off work by then (two and half years time). Win, win 🙂

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