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Day four of my ‘Six days to simple mindfulness and relaxation’ – all about sound and hearing

The sound of flowing water and ducks quacking

The sound of flowing water and ducks quacking

So, here goes with day four of my six days to mindfulness and better relaxation – day four is all about what we hear (if you are blessed with the sense of hearing)

I want you to think about everything that you hear today – and this is a huge one!

It might be:

  • Alarm clock
  • Phone ringing
  • People talking in the background
  • Conversation with someone
  • Cat meowing
  • Dog barking
  • Children playing

These are fine, but I want you to concentrate on much more than this. I want you to really listen out for ALL noises. If you try hard enough, you will hear things that you would not normally even notice. Things like…

  • Birds singing
  • Faint train sounds
  • Humming of the computer
  • A plane going by overhead (wonder where they’re going?)
  • The ‘pitter patter’ of rain on the windows
  • Even the lack of sound when it comes to silence

Anything at all that you hear – and you will hear many things during a whole day!

A computer humming or a cat purring

A computer humming or a cat purring

How do these sounds make you feel?





Our senses are linked with emotions so if we eat something we really like, we may feel comforted, if we hear a slow song we really like, we may feel soothed. If we hear fast, loud music, we may feel energised. If we see a beautiful scene or flower, we may feel uplifted. And so on…

Really connecting with our five senses helps us to enjoy our time and surroundings and allows us to connect with our world more fully.

The more you practise these mindful techniques, the easier it will become for you to reach out to each ‘sense’.

So, I hope you will be back tomorrow for day five of my simple ‘sense’ mindfulness techniques.

Amanda 🙂

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