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First thoughts for 2013 – flying, positive thinking, moving home and my future rescue cat

3 January 2013 foggy flight

3 January 2013 foggy flight

I had a lovely New year after an adverse Christmas. We went to see ‘The Life of Pi’ on New Years Eve then we had a buffet dinner at Chris’ flat and went to Leicester New Years Day for a wander and a lovely Keralan meal.

Yesterday involved a flight in Chris’ plane – one of those through the cloud flights which are not my favourites in a small plane (my anxiety aspect hates it!) as I couldn’t see a thing but white fog (like in the photo). I could hear on the radio all the local air traffic and I could imagine that helicopter nearby smashing into us. It makes me laugh a little though, since I have spent a fair amount of time feeling suicidal (that bit doesn’t make me laugh) yet once in the plane I fear for my life – talk about contradiction! Anyway, I am not feeling suicidal now so that is a wonderful thing to acknowledge and appreciate. And, instead of panicking, I read my kindle (the lovely memoir by Doreen Cox of her caregiving experience with her mother who had dementia – a recommended read!) so I was calm – and very proud of myself for being calm.

So, we got home safe and sound – the skies cleared on the way back and we flew above cloud with the sun. Beautiful!

Had another buffet dinner last night and then I awoke today back on my own again. It made me a little melancholy, particularly thinking of the Christmas I had, until I began planning today, this week, this month, this year…. Oh yes, the whole deal! Then I decided I had so much to do I stayed in LOL! So tomorrow will be a busy day catching up. I have arranged to see my brother and his boys (sadly my sister in law has passed away) in the next few weeks. I am also seeing another friend soon. So, that’s the social aspects of my life beginning to pan out.

Now onto the new home… I began looking for flats yesterday, got deflated as not many allow pets and I must get a rescue cat soon, then I found one. I was so excited, dancing around last
night making cat noises and repeating how excited I am about my new life, I expect I got on Chris’ nerves LOL. I rang them today, and they said it was rented months ago. I advised them that they may like to take it off the website if it’s not available and then saw some on there from July last year! Oh well, I guess they could all do with my administration skills LOL. (yes I am laughing a lot today)

Then today, I found another flat and I am viewing it on Saturday! I am fourth in the queue so I doubt I will get it but it’s within budget, will most likely allow a cat, so if there’s one there’ll be another I reckon!

Oh I do hope my positive attitude lasts! No, I change that, my positive attitude WILL last! I will make sure it does!

I cannot wait for the changes in my life in 2013 – a big year for me as I will also reach the big 40!

I hope that this year will be as good for you – no, I take that back, even better than mine!

I am also thinking of those who had sad adversities this Christmas and New Year.  It’s not fun for everyone.  Best wishes to all of them that 2013 will heal their sadness. X

Take care,

Amanda 🙂


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