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Flight – a film that portrays the realities of alcoholism, drugs and responsibilities of a pilot

Spoiler alert!

Wow, I have just got back in from seeing ‘Flight’ at the movies. Now anyone who knows much about me will know of the panic that’s hit me when Chris is flying us somewhere in his Cessna 172. He is a fantastic pilot, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that with depression, anxiety, OCD, BPD and suicidal thoughts going on, I was bound to be scared no matter who flew, but it’s all good now and only ever happened in the small plane – I never had a problem with international flights whatsoever, apart from the germs issue – but, I digress, as per LOL…

Back to the film “astounding” I say! Denzel Washington is at his best playing the two sides of this pilot. He’s a hero who’s cool, calm and collected in the sky one minute and a desperate alcoholic the next. From the acting, to the directing and everything in between they have done a marvellous job of portraying the way an alcoholics mind works and what an alcoholic could be willing to sacrifice in order to continue drinking. OK, this doesn’t count for every alcoholic, but it is one portrayal, and that is good, particularly because of the positive message it leaves us with and Denzel says ‘I’m free for the first time’.

Getting help with anything, of a mental nature, really does require a few essentials.

First – coming out of denial – this may be realising and accepting that you have a mental health problem, an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Stop lying to yourself and others that there is no problem.  I mean, in reality, take depression as an example – why would you want to live with depression, suffer with it on the inside, cover it up on the outside, pretend to everyone you are OK when you are not, and never get help that will make you better? The short answer, is there is no reason, only that you feel ashamed (due to stigma which is an awful thing we need to fight against) or adamant you don’t have a problem (which I have a LOT of experience of by the way, I have done it all myself), but let’s face that – the main person who suffers from that decision is the sufferer themselves in many cases. And if that decision causes suffering to those outside, then all the more reason to stop, think and act.

Second – seek support wherever you can get it – that may be family, friends or an outside source (charity, helpline, resources on-line, AA meetings, etc)

Third – promise yourself that you are going to do this for YOU. You are going to take control of yourself and have a life worth living.

Fourth – Use therapy available to you. There are all kinds of therapies for mental illness and addictions available today. And remember that you need to commit to the therapies – they cannot work miracles, so it does require your input and efforts. Therapy is priceless when you think it can help you get your life back!

I have written all kinds of articles on this site so I will not go into huge detail here about all these things, and repeat myself, but I just wanted to share my experience of the film with you, plus my thoughts.

Out of interest, I recently saw another mind blowing film ‘The Impossible’ about the family who were split up and battered by the Tsunami in Thailand and the impossible circumstances that followed – marvellous!

And ‘Django Unchained’ it was brilliant! A very entertaining, sad, dark, funny adventure. Brilliantly acted and a great Sunday film. Lot’s of action and violence though too, hence the 18 rating! Another Tarantino success.

Take care all,

Amanda 🙂


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