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Happy Christmas and a Happy New year for 2013 but do not forget the homeless/underprivileged, the topic of pets, child abuse, elderly, fighting mental illness stigma and YOU!

Whilst getting involved in bustling high street shopping and looking forward to my Christmas dinner, I cannot help but remember those who are not in the same position as myself and most of us…   Those who are ill, in hospital, and all those around them…  Homeless and underprivileged families…  Mental illness… Child abuse…

Spare a thought and help those without homes this winter and Christmas – donate to the Salvation Army and other homeless charities.

And remember animals are not just for Christmas, they are for life. If you are going to buy a pet this Christmas or any other time of the year, do consider donating to or adopting from a rescue centre and don’t encourage the breeeding and sale of cats and dogs. Also think about the issues a pedigree cat or dog has – we don’t interbreed, why should we interbreed our pets just for looks!

And as for mental illness, let’s all make even more effort in 2013 to raise awareness of mental illness, stigma and all the harm that stigma does to a sufferer and their recovery and the topic of child abuse.  Mental, physical and sexual harm to children must be stopped!

Finally, let us never forget the elderly; those who have come before us and who have many memories of things we have not experienced. They are full of wisdom. I am shocked at the amount of deaths this year due to cold and the inability to keep warm enough in 2012! People really can die of loneliness, let alone illness and extreme chilly weather. Let’s not allow this to continue – help the elderly in 2013 onwards.

I, personally, am going to encourage and take part in some voluntary work with either the elderly, children, animals or mental health (although I kind of do help mental health in my endeavours already) in 2013 – what will you do? Have a think and maybe there is something you can do – a few hours on a telephone helpline, in a charity shop, administration, spreading the word, chatting to the elderly, cooking for the homeless, taking care of animals, entertaining in care homes, donating clothes, magazines or other items – there are all sorts of ways to help and there’s always something for everyone to take part in. You can even help your own family and friends. Come on, there’s something everyone can do!

And let’s not forget YOU! If there’s a course you always wanted to take, something you wanted to write, a promotion you feel you are worthy of, something you always wanted to do, travel to, or even someone you always wanted to tell your true feelings to, then make 2013 the year for you to achieve your goals!

Merry Christmas everyone, remember what it is really all about and I wish you all a warm and wonderful 2013 filled with love, laughter and success.

Take care,

Amanda 😀

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2 comments to Happy Christmas and a Happy New year for 2013 but do not forget the homeless/underprivileged, the topic of pets, child abuse, elderly, fighting mental illness stigma and YOU!

  • amandagreenauthor

    Hi David, you are welcome as ever! I did change the post possibly since you posted your comment, but I am not sure as I have only just seen it. You have some wonderful ideas and I am more than happy that you spread the word through my site. On Christmas day, personally, I have my hands full with my mum, etc and could not invite anyone else to their house, but maybe some of my followers could?

    Merry Christmas David 🙂

  • David

    Thanks very much Amanda. I agree with everything you say. I’d just add that we always tend to overdo things at Christmas so if you have plenty, why not invite a lonely neighbour to join you at table and make a big difference to their day. Perhaps you and some friends could make up a couple of small hampers to give to people you know are struggling, out of work, on benefits, struggling with illness. Little gestures can make big differences. Through Amanda’s post I wish you all a merry Christmas.
    Amanda, thanks so much for letting me pop in sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an unbeatable New Year. Hugs

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