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Happy New Year, resolutions for 2015, why I personally make them and a catch up

Titus and I having a cuddle

Titus and I having a cuddle

I always get a diary (or three usually LOL) for Christmas, and I love to flick through those clean pages, thinking about filling them up with the written word during the following year; a new year. And I do write a list of things I want to change or achieve during that following year in one of the back pages. Since I have stopped writing my daily obsessive lists of these things and more all through the year now (making my life much more relaxing) this end of year ritual brings me optimism.

First of all I look at the list in my current year’s diary and tick off anything that I have achieved. I then ponder on the ones I didn’t, and add them to my new diary for the following year. I may also add some I did achieve, if they are ongoing things I should keep an eye on, such as drinking less, exercise etc.

It may sound cliché and boring, but it does work for me.

This year I was able to tick off:

  1. Have a clear out and sell anything I no longer need or want. And boy did I, utilising ebay, Gumtree and the local newspaper, I think I made about £550 from jewellery, clothes and furniture. (great when my car failed it’s test and needed four new tyres as a starting point!) I am now feeling redundant of my ‘ebay fix’ LOL I do love the auctions and packaging stuff up to send off to my buyers.
  2. Write a work of fiction and publish it (yep, and then some as I published four works of fiction in 2014)
  3. Drink less – this didn’t start off well and there were some blips but towards the end of the year something clicked and I just didn’t want to drink so much alcohol)
  4. Stick to my group analysis – yep, and it had worked wonders on my mental health and personal relationships.
  5. Stick to college – yep, I have now started my third year of counselling studies at level 4 diploma (and found a placement working with homeless people to boot)
  6. Be more responsible about things – yep.
  7. Combine my six websites into less – yep.

One of my inspirations. My cat, Titus, engrossed in one of my fish tanks.

One of my inspirations. My cat, Titus, engrossed in one of my tropical fish tanks.

So, responsibility, less drinking, learning new skills for a new career, selling stuff and most of all getting myself mentally better – all good stuff.

The reason I choose to do it for New Year is because it is a constant reminder in my new diary as to what I want to do for the next year.

I am coming on leaps and bounds back to mental health. I am trying to reduce my medications so that I will no longer depend on them and I look forward to knowing how I will feel ‘naturally’ for all my years of efforts to overcome my dysfunctional childhood and adult past, forgiveness of certain people, and a more mature look at life and mortality.

I’ve also been channelling more time into being mindful and ‘in the moment’, gardening, looking after my pets, been getting out and about more, eaten better, listened to music and the radio more and been more myself rather than what I think people want me to be; all of which are relaxing. I have become more realistic as to my relationships with my family too and what is good or bad for me.

Molly my hamster and I

Molly my hamster and I

I wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you so much for dropping by my blog for the past year – with 63.010 visitors in 2014 (just looked) I am more than impressed!

Take care from me and my pet cat Titus, my hamster Molly and my tropical fish (who have given me great new joy in 2014 “animal therapy is great”) 🙂 x

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