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How much alcohol is too much? The ‘tonight’ programme and my dry March continues

I watched the tonight programme last night on TV, about alcohol consumption and the new lower amounts set out in the guidelines of 14 units per week for women and men. They also gave a few facts:

No amount of alcohol is ‘safe’

One in ten people in the UK drinks the maximum weekly limit in just one day!

Drinking at home is the worst as it’s too easy to just keep pouring…

We need to have breaks in drinking alcohol; a few days of per week.

So, how am I getting on with Dry March?

It’s 18th March, and I did have a drink one night this week when on my own. I came face to face with a stressful situation and I just needed to relax. No excuse is a good excuse, but I don’t regret it. I had decided to have a drink that evening, and that evening alone, and I enjoyed it! And come the next day, I was back on the wagon. I haven’t even wanted a drink since. I feel so much better without it.

Now, I don’t plan on giving up drinking forever, as I enjoy it, but after my dry (all but one day) March, I am going to limit myself and take charge of how much I drink and how often. No more having a drink every day. I will have days off, and reduce what I drink when I do.

Michael feels the same. Bless him, he’s kept to his dry March, unlike me. I am not a failure though, I have done very well I feel. I have lost a few pounds in weight, I look slimmer, am less bloated (IBS is improved), have clearer vision, my moods are stable, and I have more energy. I am eating even more mindfully, and enjoying all my food, as my taste buds seem even better than normal. I’m having lots of cold sparkling water with fresh lemon, fruit, ice-cream and herbal teas.

Cheers to a new way of life where I control alcohol, and it does not control me! 🙂

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