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I am dedicating this post to my rescue cat Titus who enhances my life and helps my mental health recovery!

Titus during a car journey

Titus during a car journey

It occurred to me that I share photos and snippets about my rescue cat, Titus, on Facebook and Twitter, but not much here on my blog, so I decided to dedicate a whole post to him, as he is a wonderful little creature and I want to celebrate cats.

He is 7.2kg (16 pounds) and he is a black and white ‘tuxedo’

He had been in a cattery for eight months when I fostered him, and I still find it hard to believe that no one wanted to re-home him as he’s so handsome for a start! Anyway, I was fostering for the RSPCA at the time, and got him. Within two weeks I decided I couldn’t let him go so I adopted him. That was one and half years ago…

“Pets… When you adopt a rescue animal you save two animals; the one you’ve adopted and the one that can take its place in the rescue centre X” Amanda Green

(I have a hamster and tropical fish too, and would have a dog if I had a garden; I love all animals…)

He likes:

  • Going in and out of the cat flap as he pleases, going to see his friend across the road and mooching around
  • Going into other people’s homes, being nosey at what they are doing etc
  • Eating… Sheba and biscuits and he would graze all day long if I let him
  • Hanging out indoors wherever I happen to be – upstairs or down (good friend)
  • Sleeping on the end of my bed, being a good boy unless his desire to be stroked is so strong; then he will walk on me with all his weight and sit and just look at me a few inches from my face until I wake up.
  • Coming for walks and runs with me. Like a dog, he will come when called, run if I run and go wherever I go, countryside or road – aw! (only if we are ‘on a walk’ though)
  • Going round Chris or my mum and dads homes – always makes himself at home immediately so long as his food bowls are put down straight away – he will go to the spot he knows they will be put and sits there looking at me until I put them in place, bless!
  • Chasing string – pretty standard for cats!
  • Watching my tropical fish in my two tanks – transfixed!
  • Treats – I hold the pack in the air and he must pull them out of the pack with his paw to make it more rewarding for him
  • Meeting new people
  • Leaving places in my car, as he knows he’s going home and he can chill out on the front seat or back parcel shelf and look at everything whizzing by (no carrier required)

He dislikes:

  • Cars, thank goodness he runs fast in the other direction!
  • Molly my hamster flying across the floor in her ball – he jumps out of the way (funny)
  • Being told off – he sulks (luckily it’s like hardly ever)
  • Pretty much any wet food I give him unless it’s Sheba – fussy boy!
  • Dogs – he’s off like a shot and hides when a dog comes along (always amusing on our ‘walks’ as the dog owner will pass me while I am seen to be talking to a bush LOL)
  • Being picked up, but he’s getting better and even purrs occasionally
  • Having his belly tickled – but it’s got to be done sometimes as mummy cannot resist and she will take the rough play and claws just to get to it!
  • Leaving my house in the car as he doesn’t know where he’s going…

He’s quite a character and very good company for me. I like to think that I have enhanced his life as much as he has mine and I would recommend cats as pets all day long – independent, loving and homely. Getting them from a rescue centre is even better! J

Yes I chat to him in a silly childish voice, take photos of him, do silly videos of him, spoil him and cuddle him with my ear to his body so the sound and vibration of his purrs calms and relaxes me; but really he is free to be who he wants to be inside or out.




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2 comments to I am dedicating this post to my rescue cat Titus who enhances my life and helps my mental health recovery!

  • Alexis

    What a handsome boy! He looks so thoughtful and majestic. We just got a rescue cat–Scribbles:) She’s still a kitten, a little over six months old, and sweet as can be.

    • amandagreenauthor

      Oh that’s lovely Alexis! Scribbles is a lovely name. I also have a rescue kitten, Millie, just over six months old and she is sweet as can be too! What a joy cats are. They can be very clever too. Majestic and thoughtful are great words for him; Titus has a certain look and way about him. Can you believe he was in a cattery for eight months waiting for a new home? No idea why he wasn’t snapped up, but at least I got him. He has some issues, but we do not know his background so can only work with him on what we can see 🙂

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