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I’ll be good to you if you’re good to me

I’ve been sad and angry today about other humans’ behaviours, and I never shy away from speaking my mind anymore when there’s something to be said or done whether it’s for human or animal (unless it is of more benefit to wait or be quiet), but I am no angel that is for sure.

I am also not the person I used to be.

I am, now, good to those who are good to me and I am not good to those anymore who are bad to me (unless it’s my mum and I am good to her no matter how she is because she can get away with it LOL) I think that is fair.

And that quote I shared earlier on facebook (CLICK HERE ) about facebook friends is totally true in my mind. I do feel that certain ‘cyber’ friends on facebook and twitter are generally better to me and more interested in me than those in my ‘physical life’. They want to view my photos, like what I have to say or share, are lovely to me, hold two way conversations and care if things aren’t great. I thank all of them, as they should know who they are.

And anyone who thanks me for chatting to them while they read my books, and appreciate it, well I appreciate just as much, if not more! XXX

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2 comments to I’ll be good to you if you’re good to me

  • David P

    It’s written in the Laws of Nature isn’t it that your Mum can get away with murder. You Dad can pretty much and your partner a maybe, but everyone else must apply for permission in triplicate. Being nice to people is easy, especially when they’re nice back. Imagine where I’d be if it weren’t for my online friends since I can’t face real live ones. lol.
    You may be no angel Amanda ( who is?) but I’ve always found you to be fair and pleasant and nice to know.Take no prisoners love, and give as good as you get but leave it to the other party to be the mean one first so you don’t lower your standards any.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • amandagreenauthor

      Quite right David, there are definitely some who get more slack than others LOL I am so glad for you that you have online friends in your situation. I do spend a lot of time indoors, so I am grateful for the company and banter etc.
      Thanks David, I feel the same about you.
      That’s a very valid point, not to be the mean one first and I am able to do that now I have things clearer in my head and my morals and standards are firmly in place again. I only react these days to others’ behaviours and there does seem to be plenty to react to LOL but I don’t feel clingy to those who hurt me anymore so that’s a great thing. I just defend myself, others or animals if I see wrongdoing affecting them.
      Hugs right back at ya 🙂 X

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