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Inspired by a fellow blogger, ‘Things that make me happy’ Try it too!

On Sunday, during the Twitter hashtag event #SundayBlogShare (which is exactly what it sounds like, sharing pages from our blogs with others, reading and sharing) I came across a blog post called ‘Things that make me Happy’ by Suzie CLICK HERE TO SEE HER BLOG which is a wonderful, inspiring list of things that make her happy. Find Suzie on Twitter at @suzie81blog and join in next Sunday if you have a blog to share (no porn or books, just interesting blogs).

Anyway, I decided to write my own, being positive and all… So, here’s some things that make me happy…

  1. From seeing them on TV, to real life, to touching them, to interacting with them and to having them share my house with me, I love ALL animals and more than anything else, they cheer me up. They are innocent, pretty much, only kill to eat, pretty much, and virtually all of them do not play vicious games or mind games, or abuse one another. You get my drift. Our human destruction and abuse of animals great upsets and angers me, but animals bring me great joy. Number one!
new forest donkeys

new forest donkeys

  1. Days out – from museums where I learn of history, to walks in the fresh air round beautiful gardens, to a wander round the shops with coffee; it is great to get out and about and make the most of life, one day at a time.

  1. Holidays – well, of course, who doesn’t? Exploring new areas or Countries in more depth… Sun… mmm…

  1. My mind can be a bit flighty in that I have 20 internet windows open, 4 word documents, and emails, all at the same time, but I learn so much on-line about various subjects. I also like to learn from books, museums etc… but especially discussions where varying points of views are brought forward.

  1. So I think ‘discussions’ should have a place of its own in this list, as it doesn’t matter if it’s with just one other person or a group, in person or on-line, learning from other people’s points of view, ideas, or knowledge is great.

  1. Massage! I would have a massage every day if I could. It’s great for my back but also sooooo relaxing! From Thai to Swedish, they’re all good!
new haircut

new haircut

  1. A nice haircut and blow dry – it’s so lovely coming out of the salon with sleek, soft, freshly cut hair 🙂

  1. I just love my food; Thai, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Spanish, Mexican… so many kinds. I guess all my far flung travels encouraged me to try new foods early on, and we are so lucky now as we can get so many different foods in the UK, to eat out or cook at home. I love British food too, and try to be mindful of flavour, smell and texture, as it’s relaxing and means I enjoy my food even more! Indian cuisine is my comfort food.
My pizza with a view

My pizza with a view

  1. Stroking my cat, Titus. He has to have his own listing, as he’s gorgeous! I love to lay my head on him while he purrs – it’s hypnotic and very relaxing. They say that stroking a cat regularly lowers blood pressure too and helps our body release a relaxation hormone! 🙂
Titus during a car journey

Titus during a car journey

  1. Watching interesting documentaries and true life films. I love to escape into these, and thankfully, because I have my freeview recorder, I can watch things when I want to, and do not have to watch rubbish. Some days I don’t have the TV on at all, but others, I just get embroiled in other people’s lives. From murderers, to inspiring stories I find it all interesting.

  1. This brings me to books. I don’t read enough, but when I find a cracker of a book, that feeling of never wanting to put it down and thinking about when I can pick it up again, is great!

  1. Chatting to people about their lives – I just find other people’s lives so interesting. It never ceases to amaze me what people have been through, how they have overcome difficulties, and how they keep themselves happy. I guess that is why I want to be a counsellor, as I have always been interested in others. People have found it easy to talk to me about just about anything; men and women.

  1. Having a nice day with my mum and dad 🙂

  1. Writing! Whether I am writing my personal journal, to make sense of my own life, or college journal to log my learning progress, to college essays that require pre-study, to a blog, or a book; I love it all! And to publish them and share my words and thoughts with the world is great too.

  1. This brings me to social media. OK I am on Facebook and Twitter FAR too much, but I do love it; chatting to people, learning snippets of things and finding new books to read by fellow indie authors! Oh yes, and finding new blogs too! (Using #ArchiveDay on Saturdays and #SundayBlogShare on Sundays, #wwwblogs on Wednesdays and #MondayBlogs on Mondays, bloggers share their blog articles and there are some great ones) 🙂

My new bed

My new bed

  1. Getting in my new bed! I have only had it 3 weeks, and love it. My old one was years old, and a single bed, so this new double is comfy, big and looks great! I especially like it the night I have changed the bedding – crisp fresh sheets, duvet and pillows, mmm…

  1. Music! Music is memories so songs can make me sad but generally they make me happy. I can be transported in my mind to my younger days of raving, to holidays, to special nights out… from radio, to ipod to CD, from pre-planned music to whatever comes on next, it’s all good 🙂

  1. I love the quiet. I am lucky and live in a quiet area, and I like it that way. I like noise, but in smaller quantities these days…

  1. Getting nice feedback or a good review for one of my books. Firstly, it excites me every time I know someone is reading one of them, but to get feedback or a review, is even better J The same applies knowing that people are reading my blogs! 🙂

  1. I love cuddles.

  1. Knowing that people are there if I really needed them.

  1. Driving – especially at night when it’s quiet on the roads and I have the radio on.

February 2013 tattoos love and strength

February 2013 tattoos love and strength

  1. Remembering my three favourite words: individuality (because we all are – I have a tattoo of this in Japanese), spontaneity (just seeing what happens) and strength (because it’s that inner strength that gets us through our lives and through adversities – I also have a tattoo of this in Japanese)

My Gecko Individuality tattoo

My Gecko Individuality tattoo

  1. Overcoming challenges. ‘Feel the fear, but carry on’. It’s amazing what we can do if we expose ourselves to some challenges. And the elation of overcoming challenges is awesome! 🙂

  1. Knowing that I have helped or inspired someone – in any way.

Molly my hamster and I

Molly my hamster and I

  1. Back to animals to finish off… watching, feeding and letting my hamster, Molly run around, looking after my tropical fish and watching them… and anything to do with Titus, my cat, especially his snoring next to me whilst laying on his back with his paws in the air, and playing chase and catch! 🙂

my tropical fish

my tropical fish

 I could probably go on… I don’t wish to bore you… But, the last three are…

‘Going to college and studying counselling, with a lovely bunch of supportive people! 🙂

‘Self-development and self analysis, both through therapies, writing, college and self help – basically learning about myself and my past so I can further understand myself and others and can make positive changes – make myself a better person’.

‘Flowers and gardening – love it!’

My plants outdoor August 2014

My plants outdoor August 2014

 So, how about you? Why not make a positive list of things that make YOU happy and let’s

keep spreading the joy 🙂

And don’t forget to be mindful – use your senses, taste, smell, touch, sight and sound X

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