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Inspiring Monday Blog! Fresh air, badgers, wildlife, walking, the Isle of Wight and picking up my pets; cat and hamster

June botanical gardens isle of wight Ventnor 2014

June botanical gardens isle of wight Ventnor 2014

June 2014 Carisbrooke Castle window

June 2014 Carisbrooke Castle window

I have just spent five days on the Isle of Wight; a beautiful, laid back British Island.

It is like going back in time when it comes to the helpfulness of bus drivers, the attitude of the locals, and the way it is unspoilt and I want to go back again! We always stay in Shanklin or Sandown and this time stayed in a little village near Ventnor. Highlights were the history of Carisbrooke Castle and Osbourne House, the beauty of Yarmouth and the coastal roads between Ventnor and Yarmouth, the handsome houses along the way with their pretty flowering gardens, and the peace and tranquillity of the Botanical Gardens, which nestles on the coast of Ventnor in a micro-climate, growing plants and flowers not grown in anywhere else in the UK.

Badgers feeding June 2014 Isle of Wight

Badgers feeding June 2014 Isle of Wight

June 2014 Isle of Wight Aerial

June 2014 Isle of Wight Aerial

Impressed? I was. But, most of all it is the true fresh air that we enjoyed due to such a lack of traffic and pollution and the wildlife – red squirrels and badgers in particular. Of a night, we were privy to seeing wild badgers feeding where we got within three feet of them. They were very cautious of us, which is great, as man is their biggest threat, and I couldn’t believe how big and cuddly they looked. They munched away, making quite a racket, yet they ate very slowly, which surprised me for such a large creature. Absolutely cute, beautiful and very special, I cannot believe how people can even think to cull these wonderful animals; part of few species of unusual wildlife we have left in the UK compared to the past.

So, the point of this blog? Well, in keeping with my recent spate of inspiring blog posts, I just wanted to share highlights of the Island with you and to re-iterate how important it is that we take a break sometimes from our normal lives, even if just for a day, to refresh our mind, body and soul. In just five days of walking and taking buses round the Island, I feel totally refreshed and relaxed and even ready to start my seventh book, which hopefully will be my first novel!

June 2014 Isle of Wight

June 2014 Isle of Wight

June open top bus Isle of Wight 2014

June open top bus Isle of Wight 2014

And to ease me into being back home, as I sometimes have issues with change, I have the excitement of picking up Titus my cat and Molly my hamster today. I cannot wait to see them! Titus is very important to me; I cannot begin to tell you how much he has helped me calm down and enjoy life more. My depression improves all the time and he is a very loving boy.

If you can adopt or foster a cat or dog or other animal, then do go check out the animal rescue centres such as RSPCA, Cats Protection, Battersea cats and dogs etc. They have a huge number of animals that need and deserve a loving home. Animals do not have to be a pedigree to be a great pet, and it helps to reduce the need for pedigrees which are sometimes bred by people just in it for the money and not for the animals’ health and happiness – sad but true.

Have a great Monday! 🙂

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3 comments to Inspiring Monday Blog! Fresh air, badgers, wildlife, walking, the Isle of Wight and picking up my pets; cat and hamster

  • Tim B

    Hello Amanda,

    I am pleased to see that you enjoyed your visit to the Isle of Wight and got to see some of our wonderful wildlife. What you may not have seen are our wild deer. Unlike the mainland where deer are quite common,deer are amongst the rarest land mammals on the island.

    Best wishes,


  • Kimmie

    Lovely post Amanda, Thank you for taking my imagination away from what can only be described as ‘an incredibly challenging day’.

    Although (despite my Dad living on the Island)I haven’t visited myself since I was fifteen (Mental health, OCD fears prevent me from travelling) I do have a picture of sorts in my memory, of Shanklin especially as that’s where I stayed when I was younger but also of Ventnor which we visited for a day while on Holiday. If I remember rightly Ventnor is very hilly and also incredibly beautiful 🙂

    I’m glad you had a restful time

    Thanks again for sharing

    Kimmie X

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thanks Kimmie! I hope your day got better. Yes Ventnor is hilly – we were staying in a little village next door called Niton which is beautiful and peaceful.

      Take care, Amanda 🙂 x

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