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It’s a cat’s life – A short story I’m sharing for New Year and for Animal Charities by Amanda Green

Thought I’d share a light short story about a cat for New Year in order to help encourage people to volunteer for, foster on behalf of, or adopt from, an animal charity, such as Cats Protection or Battersea cats and dogs home. And do think about a greyhound; racing them and then declaring them unfit to race leaves too many of these gentle doggies homeless and in great need…

I saw a competition for the Cats Protection Charity a few years ago – it was only a £5 donation to go in for it, but I only had two days to do it, so I made up this story……

It’s a cat’s life – 1008 words

I can smell it, so I run over ‘Oh Wow, Mummy has made me my favorite meal today!’ I lick my lips as Mummy pets me.

“You are gorgeous” says Mummy “so pretty and cute”

After eating, I have a short nap, a cuddle with Mummy, play with a few toys and explore the house. This is a standard day for me, and I am very content with the ease of it all. Mummy isn’t like me – she looks very different to my first Mummy – the one whom I took milk from in the beginning, as she is a giant in comparison; a gentle giant. She has no fur and stands on only two legs. She lives with an even bigger giant, whose voice booms above hers, and there is a third one who is much smaller than them. The little one likes to play with me, but it can be rough and pull my tail which I don’t like, so I try to run when it comes near me.

“Ok, let’s try you outside today – I think you are old enough now”. Mummy picks me up gently and strokes my head whilst cooing at me. She loves me – she must do. I like Mummy as she feeds me every day and makes me feel very happy. ‘Hey, what is going on here? Where are you taking me?’ I shiver as the cold air hits me. Mummy is taking me to somewhere I have never been before. ‘Oh no, I don’t like this; I want to be back in the warm’. I struggle to get back on the ground and into my known surroundings. Mummy is holding me tight as my claws come out.

“No, no, no, you must start going outside now” she is saying softly. “You are going to be a good kitty and learn to be more independent”. I sink my claws in, and struggle some more.

“Ouch! Ok, ok, let’s try again tomorrow” Mummy takes me back to the warm fire and I stay there the rest of the day relaxing once I am over my trauma. ‘I hope Mummy doesn’t do that again!

Mummy appears the next day and presents me with my least favourite food. I am not happy but I eat it as I am very hungry anyway. Mummy picks me up and déjà vu, we are back in the cold.

“I’ve got to be cruel to be kind”. Mummy virtually throws me on the floor.

Hey, hey, I can’t get back into the warm. What’s that barrier?’ I sit there shaking for a long time crying, and then I hear a rustling just over there. Ears pricked up, I stay still and wait. There it is again. Curiosity gets the better of me and I slowly edge my way over there, keeping my belly near the ground so as not to be seen. ‘Well, this is quite exciting’.

“Meeeeooooowwwww!” A creature, a big version of me; a bit like my first Mummy comes out of nowhere. It looks very unhappy and I feel very scared. It attacks me.

Owww! That hurt’

“Meow, meow” I manage a few wimpy noises, and it starts to come for me again.

I don’t like this, I must get away. I run. I run so fast and for so long that, when I stop, I feel weak and a bit sick in my belly.

I recover a little and then start to cry again. ‘Where am I? Where is Mummy? How do I find my home?

“Meow, Meow” I am frightened and don’t know what to do.

“Look! It’s a kitten! Ahhhhh, isn’t she lovely”.

Oh no, it’s a giant, and it’s coming for me’. I run. I am filled with fear. ‘Oh, no, there are a lot of giants now, and so much noise – noise that I’ve never heard before. And what are all those big moving things?’ With all these giants moving at once, there is a maze to dodge, and I quickly get away from them and hide under a big green thing. I want my warm rug and my Mummy. I watch all the giants go by, and all those moving things that the giants seem to get in and out of. They make a lot of noise and move very fast when they get going; I decide not to go near any of them. ‘So what now? What am I to do? What is that?’ On the ground is a moving thing. It is much smaller than me, and I am not scared of it. I touch it with my paw. It stops, and sort of curls up. I touch it again and it rolls along, then stops again. I wait. It opens up and starts moving again – until I prod it. This scenario goes on and on, and I like it as I feel happier again now. Then I feel something touching me softly.

‘What is this? What is this stuff landing on me? Hey, it is making me wet and cold! I don’t like this at all’. I move, but it still drops on me. I move again, and again, but I cannot seem to get away from it. ‘I want my home!

The giants are now holding big round things and everyone is getting wet.

“Katy, Katy! puss puss!” I stop still. That sounds like my Mummy.

I cry out.

“Katy, Katy, is that you there?” she says.

I cry again, as loud as I can. ‘Where is she?

“There you are!” She trills. I am suddenly hauled up in the air, and in my Mummy’s arms. She is stroking me and seems very happy.

“Ah, you are all wet through. I was so worried about you – what on earth have you been doing hey? Let’s get you home”

Puuuurrrr! I get back to the warm place I know, and I am happy again too. I roll on my back while Mummy tickles my belly and I just only hope she doesn’t send me out there again!

By Amanda Green (copyright 2009/2013)

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