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It’s all too easy to moan, so today I am saying thank you! NHS, mum, dad and the UK

Every day I hear people moan, see people moan on-line, and most certainly moan myself. It is very easy to say what

I am thankful

I am thankful

we don’t like, what we want changed, what’s ‘not good enough’. Whether it’s a trip advisor review, a complaint about the government, a gripe with a family member or a friend has let us down, we just don’t seem to stop.

So, today I want to say thank you.

Thank you to all doctors, nurses and NHS staff who mended my dad’s diseased heart, via a triple heart bypass.

Thank you to all doctors, nurses and NHS staff who whizzed my mum to hospital after her fall, who mended her broken femur, put all her ribs back together, kept her alive, cured her septicaemia, found out her lithium was too high… who basically saved her life.

Thank you to the staff at the dementia home who helped us all to realise my mum’s dementia isn’t so bad yet and enabled her to get back home.

Thanks to dad for finally agreeing to have mum back and for looking after her – she is now thriving, and everything is much happier than it’s been in many years in that house. They get out a lot, mum is on her feet, her mind is better (dementia at bay for now), I see them; all is good.

Thanks to my friend, Anita, for sending me such a kind gift in the post.

Thanks to all my friends (on-line and in person) who lend me an ear if I need it and help me along in life.

Thanks to Michael for being with me throughout the 3 month ordeal with my mum.

I am thankful to have a home, a cat, fish and my hamster.

I am thankful that I can eat and drink every day.

I am thankful that I have relative freedom in my life.

I am thankful that I had my Auntie Ciss in my life, albeit not now.

I am thankful I have a car.

I am thankful for my health (OK I have some issues, but… I am still alive)

I also feel thankful to live in the UK.

I know there are a lot of things we can moan about, when it comes to politics, mis-spending, benefits etc, BUT all in ALL it’s a pretty safe country, we have varied weather without too much devastation, we have a great NHS really (yes I have had my moans about them on this blog and they have let me down many times, but even so…), people are looked after via a benefit system (which, let’s face it, could never work like clockwork)… Yes, there’s poverty, but most countries have poverty. We have lots of charities helping those that the government cannot, like the one I help, helping the homeless. The only shame is how many of us are so materialistic (guilty here).

I almost want to say what I don’t like, but not in this post. Sometimes, we just have to choose to be thankful, rather than complain – we have the choice whether we look for positives or negatives, just as we can choose to fight or give up.

What are you thankful for today?


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