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Keeping busy, staying still, doing nothing and solving problems

We can all keep busy to keep our minds off all sorts of problems in our lives BUT always remember it’s also very beneficial to just stop, stay still, and let our minds wander on their own for a while. Some of my best ideas have come to me when essentially ‘doing nothing’ – some of my best writing ideas, answers to questions and I have even solved some of those underlying problems that had been bugging me sub consciously.

Try ‘doing nothing’ today – just 20/30 minutes. If nothing else, it will most likely refresh your mind ready for the day.

Take care,

Amanda 🙂

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2 comments to Keeping busy, staying still, doing nothing and solving problems

  • amandagreenauthor

    Hi David! I must admit if I have real troubles on my mind or am in a depression I tend to avoid doing nothing – favouring escapism by being busy – but most of the time I find it very refreshing. So many ideas just pop into my head it’s amazing. Or sometimes just memories, but it’s also nice to remember and indulge in past happy memories than just keep ploughing on and forgetting all the things we’ve done. I find it easiest just after waking up before the world has demanded anything from me and while my mind is reasonably calm. You are right, it’s also like a short nap, just more productive. Thanks for commenting again – always welcome and interesting 😀

  • David

    Heavens Amanda, at my age I only get started for about that length of time, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to ‘Do Nothing’ for half an hour.
    You’re actually quite right, it’s a great idea.Sitting down just staring into space has given me lots of ideas. I grant you my wife won’t let me get away with most of them but the odd one passes her by when it’s an idea for a new chapter. That kind of refreshment for the mind is almost as good as a short nap for recharging the batteries.

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