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Living with chronic pain – do you?

Chronic pain is what my GP called my back, shoulder and neck pain this week. I’ve had it for fourteen years and it just isn’t what I want to hear. I write this not to complain, as I have a lot to be thankful for, but just to share as I know I am one of many who live with chronic pain and are told there is nothing we can do about it.

In that fourteen years I have been to many specialists…

Osteopath – I saw an osteopath originally after a static line parachute fall went a bit wrong and I first had a problem fourteen years ago. I twisted as I threw myself out of the plane and was spun back apparently when the parachute opened. I couldn’t move my neck for a couple of days, but with osteopath treatment it eased. I was very physically fit then and worked in a very busy, physical role in the hotel industry and I continued to after my neck recovered.

Rheumatologists – Using a cortisone injection (which took my pain away for two weeks) they decided that Radiofrequency Ablation was the cure – a probe is used to burn away the problem nerves.

Physiotherapist – Said the arches of my feet were too flat and they used a mould of my arches to make a shoe insole to raise them.

Chiropractor – Told me I have one leg longer than the other so I am out of kilter, therefore my back is out of kilter and also that my neck was too straight when looking at an Xray of my upper back and neck. It should be curved.

NHS Pain Management Clinic – An MRI scan showed that there is severe exit foranimal narrowing on C5-C6 on the left side. This is where the spine canal exit in that area narrows where the nerves are, and so the narrowing is pressing on a nerve. This was the most believable as I do get spasms in my back when the pain is quite bad, and mainly in that area. However, there is nothing to be done apparently; no surgery for me, and I don’t really understand why.

I have had deep tissue massage, Thai massage, I use a back massager at home, I have a tens machine, I have a back roller thing specially designed for back, I do yoga stretches and try to take exercise in the form of walking. I also take ibuprofen and Co-codamol if it’s really bad plus hot water bottles, a heat pad and rest…

I asked for a referral again this week, and my GP said that they will not operate, so he will not refer me again, but that I have another appointment at the pain clinic, so I will just have to have one more go at getting an answer. Maybe there just isn’t one. My GP then put my Ibuprofen and Co-codamol on prescription.

Do you suffer with Chronic pain?

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2 comments to Living with chronic pain – do you?

  • Amanda

    I had surgery on my lumbar spine in July last year.
    I had spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and foraminal narrowing between L4-L5. I had my surgery done at LEEDS GENERAL INFIRMARY on 28th July 2015. My specialist was fantastic. The surgery was very painful though, and it takes up to two years to fully recover.

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