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Looking after and caring for pets is great for mental health and well being, but I do get obsessed with them!

All my pets, fish, hamster and cat

All my pets, fish, hamster and cat

Pets are great for mental health and well being! Oh they really are! Check out my photo of Titus, Molly and my fish altogether – not an easy task I can tell you, with an active hamster and a cat who likes to do just as he pleases LOL

First of all, you and your pets get satisfaction from the unspoken love you share. You feel responsible for the animal. And they can be great fun!

However, I realised today my obsessive nature is at a high with my pets when I found myself cleaning out bath of the hamster (Molly) cage and all her toys and chewed up cardboard yet again so that I could have a bath, then after my bath I wash it out, dry it out and put the hamster cage and all her toys back! And I get her out twice a night when she runs free in the house and gets up to naughty things!

Mollys bath play centre

Mollys bath play centre

And Titus (cat) loves coming for his walks with me still, despite going in and out as he pleases via his cat flap. Oh, and his combs and brushes I give him and his Sheba… Oh my gosh yes spoilt, but he wouldn’t eat any other wet food when I got him 🙂

And my fish tank is like ‘pristine’.

However, one thing I do know – I won’t stop. It gives me great pleasure to see my pets happy and as free as they can be. Well the tropical fish are certainly not free, but their environment is a superb one and they are all ‘community fish’ so there’s no fights or problems – aw!

Anyway, as I was saying, they do not have to be hard work (I have no children and live alone so I can afford the time), but you should be willing to care for them, to the best of your abilities for their entire lives, if you can, as it’s not fair to take on animals just because they are cute kittens or puppies just to get bored of them in a year or two. But if you can then they can be soothing, fun
and great company.

Oh by the way, as told in the ‘Secret Life of Cats’ TV show… Cat owners are a third less likely to suffer from heart disease because the act of stroking a cat creates the stress busting enzyme called ‘renin’ which slows our heart rate down and reduces our blood pressure. Do you need any more reasons?


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2 comments to Looking after and caring for pets is great for mental health and well being, but I do get obsessed with them!

  • Ruth M

    So funny Amanda! But so sweet too. I didn’t know that fish could fight. Do they use their fins or their tails or what?!!

    • amandagreenauthor

      LOL yes well one fish will fight another fish by nipping the fins and tails of another fish. I don’t think they actually have a fight between them, it’s more like one bullies the other and it’s not nice for the bullied one (s). However, Japanese/Siamese male fighting fish will fight each other, sometimes to the death and one of those can bully other fish in a tank, but some people are careless and cruel of course and put any old fish together. I only learnt this because I wanted a nice calm tank so did a lot of research 🙂

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