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Mindfulness after the event; what can you remember in the past week? Plus it’s a great writing tip and writing therapy!

I am always promoting mindfulness and how to be ‘in the moment’, but today I tried another exercise – Being mindful about

aerial views

aerial views

what I can remember from the last week in terms of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. It has worked well for me, in order to be in touch with recent goings on so maybe it will work for you…  It can be great writing therapy… It is also a great way to learn how to write in a more ‘real’ way; getting the reader to ‘feel’ your writing… (just take one from your list and describe it as fully as possible – more in my next blog)

Sight – aerial views out of the aeroplane window, beautiful Cambridge, crowds of people in shorts and dresses, ice cream melting down the cone, sun and blue skies, my cat, hamster and fish, Michael’s face and hair, rain, lightening, clouds, mum’s blue eyes crying, the injury on her head, elderly residents in care homes, frail, disabled and sad looking or smiling, care workers laughing with kind faces, green trees and beautiful flowers of all colours…

Sound – the hum of the aeroplane, people speaking across the radio into my headphones, an elderly woman shouting ‘help!’ over and over in the care home my mum is now living in, birds singing outside my bedroom window, the dustbin cart and crashing of bins being emptied, flies buzzing in the house (ugh!), Titus purring rhythmically, music and chatter on the radio, tv programmes, hairdryers and chatter in

Sandra and Titus Dean

Sandra and Titus Dean

the hairdressers, buzzing electrical instruments in the dentist, car horns, alarm clock, cooking timer, mum crying, mum telling me she prefers my hair blonde…

Smell – Urine and air freshener in care homes, musty old smells, obnoxious effluvia’s, baked potatoes, sumptuous fruits of red wine, smelly bins in the heat, the fresh smell Titus brings in from outside in his fur, Indian food, garlic, deodorant, fish and chips…

Taste – fish and chips with salt and vinegar, creamy ice creams, lemonade, lager, white wine, red wine, garlic bread, salmon and cucumber sandwiches…

Touch – My cat’s soft fur, my hamster’s even softer fur, Titus walking over me in bed to wake me up, heat!!! My fan blowing a breeze at me, the air conditioning in my car, wind blowing through the car with the windows down, sweaty body, aching back, aching ankles and feet, headaches, my hair being washed and massaged, cold water showering over my body, a hot hairdryer on my head, alcohol relaxing my brain, smoke inhaled down my throat, kissing mum’s little face, a cuddle of mum’s tiny body, soft pillows on mum’s care home bed…

So, how much can you remember from the past week? 🙂

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