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My 5* Review of ‘Adventures in Mother-sitting’ by Doreen Cox – A story of compassion, love, care, self analysis and what life is all about

When I first began reading this book, I thought it would be a story I couldn’t handle, due to my ability to get so upset over others’ adversities. However, I read on, and am so glad I did, as I was soon hooked on Doreen’s easy reading style and thoughtful manner of writing.

Having seen my friend’s Grandma go through Alzheimers, and my lovely neighbour too, I have always seen both Alzheimers and Dementia as two of the worst problems a person could experience. The person loses their personality and memories and those left to care for them have a hard time, emotionally and physically. I have fond memories of my neighbour, who was always in the front garden, with his wife, beavering away. “Hello dear” he’d say jovially as I stopped for a quick chat as a child and young girl. So when he went spiralling down at the command of his disease, I not only didn’t see him again, I didn’t see his wife wither, for she was indoors in the end, caring for him and too scared to go out and leave him on his own. She aged quickly and found it hard to accept help. Her dedication was commendable, but we saw her deteriorate as time went on.

But this gave me an extra push to read this book, as I wanted to know what it was like to be a sufferer and also a carer, not just from my thoughts and knowledge, but from a person who had really been through it. And Doreen’s book is the perfect story to read to gain full insight. This story is full of love, hope, compassion, strength, information, laughs and sadness and I recommend this book to everyone!

Being an advocate for mental illness, due to personal experiences, plus my mum’s, I really feel that Doreen has given to society, through her own bravery in writing her book, a real understanding of this truly heartbreaking disease and all that comes with it, as well as showing exactly what it is (mentally, physically and practically) to be a carer for a beloved mother who loses her personality day by day, as well as suffering various physical ailments. Doreen had to scan every part of her own mind as well as her mothers, to fight unwanted emotions and find more positive emotions right for the job, whilst accepting all the emotions grief put her through. She has a great touch in telling us about her self analysis in words.

Doreen’s mother was so brave and gracious it was totally heart warming to read about such a close family.

I began reading this before Christmas and hadn’t been in a great spirit, but it gave me such a sense of comfort even through it’s sad times and the harsh truths which Doreen wrote with total honesty; not holding back at all.

Halfway through, I realised that, no matter how hard things can be with my own mentally ill mum, my experiences have not, to date, been as testing as the authors, and I began to appreciate my mum’s spirit, fun, abilities and mentality which is still her personality, even more. Her memory and concentration are beginning to fail, and even as I took her out Christmas shopping, I had more patience than ever and even told her I loved her for the first time. All due to reading the well thought out and documented twists and turns of Doreen’s mind, whilst caring for her loving mother. I am so glad I read this wonderful story!

Doreen looks into her soul and goes through every emotion trying to tame the tears and anger and sadness that hit her every day. She details every event and nuance that we need to know to let us in on the journey that is being a carer for a loved one with dementia.

I particularly commend how she shows what ‘validation’ is and how she was given it by her family – validation is key in relationships, particularly when the other person is going through an emotional time!

Highly commendable!

Buy at Amazon – CLICK HERE TO OPEN LINK IN A NEW WINDOW (paperback and kindle both available)

Buy at Amazon UK – CLICK HERE TO OPEN LINK IN A NEW WINDOW (paperback and kindle both available)

Amanda 🙂

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6 comments to My 5* Review of ‘Adventures in Mother-sitting’ by Doreen Cox – A story of compassion, love, care, self analysis and what life is all about

  • David P

    A review that gives a real insight into the book and the difficulties felt by those who don’t even suffer the illness.Sounds klike Doreen’s book is not to be missed.

    • amandagreenauthor

      I really do think that Doreen’s book IS not to be missed, yes. We all get old – ourselves, our parents, our families, our friends. So, to know a little about Dementia and the physical ageing process, to me, is key to understanding what might happen to us. 🙂

  • Julia H

    Hi Amanda – I read your review with great interest, and found myself nodding my head in agreement! “Adventures in Mothersitting” is about so much more than Alzheimers. To me, the core message is Reinhold Niebuhr’s prayer “Lord, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.” Of course Dody added laughter to serenity, and the passages where the author sees through her mother’s eyes, and experiences a child’s delight in everyday things we take for granted were most moving.
    A wonderful review for a wonderful book, thank you for sharing your experience!


    • amandagreenauthor

      Hi Julia,

      Thank you so much, first of all for reading the review, and secondly for replying to it!

      It’s a wonderfully touching book, I agree with what you have added and I am very pleased you enjoyed it too!

      I do try to review books when I read them, as respect for the author. If I don’t like a book, I never finish it, end of, so it doesn’t get reviewed.

      Kind Regards,

      Amanda 🙂

  • Dody

    Thank you, Amanda, for following me on Twitter; for popping in and out of my feeds with tweets of your Journey catching my eye; for connecting with me at this time and as a result, being able to share our respective journeys. I had to pick up a tissue while reading your review of my memoir, so touched by your words. My mom would be so happy that our experience helped you see your own mum’s situation differently; that the love within for your mum transcended all the other thoughts and feelings. I admire you immensely, Amanda, for your journey which makes your review of mine be more special.

    • amandagreenauthor

      Ah thanks Dody that’s really sweet of you to say! We learn from each other and our experiences, although totally different, have helped both of us see things from another perspective – the brilliant thing about reading memoirs and communicating directly with each other as well. I loved your book, your style of writing, and your tremendous story and I am so glad you enjoyed mine as well – that meant a lot also! Healing is a long process but it’s always worth the effort as you and I both know 🙂

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