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My 82 year old dad getting unfairly sacked from work!

So, today my dad calls me – it’s the first time we’ve spoken since Christmas day when I ran out of mum and dads house at 7pm sobbing uncontrollably at the nasty behaviours of my mum to my dad (it’s normal behaviour, I just couldn’t handle it that day and I had even given her a pep talk, walked on eggshells etc). Dad has finally been to the doctors after I have gone on at him to for many months now. He has been getting a pain etc and we know it’s probably angina but he kept putting it off, working away 3 x 12 hour night shifts a week (yep he’s 82, works 36 hours a week and it was only a couple of years ago he was doing 60 hours a week for the same company).

Now this company (or rather the nasty boss man) to put it plainly, have treated my dad like sh**! He’s not had a proper contract, he’s worked there for many years now, and they subcontract him between two sites as a security guard. Yep you read that right! He may be 82 but you’d never believe it – more like 68 you’d say if you met him (which is weird since he’s been through so much adversity it makes me feel sick).

Back to the point (I digress far too much), he rang today and told me he’s been to the doctor (hooray) and he’s given him a spray for under the tongue which helps with angina and it’s working! He’s also seeing the cardiology department at the hospital next week for tests.

Then he tells me that he is going to be out of work next week. Apparently, his boss rang and said to him that he didn’t do something at work so is disciplined and sacked at the same time, unless he backs down and gives up his job. My dad told him he is going to be in a terrible position if he is out of work, so the guy gave him 2 weeks notice. All verbal.

OMgosh, there’s such a big list of things this guy has done wrong/illegally in treating my dad over the years, but I had to keep quiet as my dad didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ as he needed his job.

Let’s not forget that my dad cares for my mum who, without him, would be in a care home, or most likely not actually, more likely she’d be in a place for the elderly with severe mental health problems because she wouldn’t fit in with the ‘norm’. Another story entirely…

And I am so glad I am stronger and more confident right now, because I am going to take this case and I am going to win it for my dad! Oh gosh, I hope so anyway. It is appalling what this guy has done, and so not within our employment laws of the UK!

When I was 18 I had to fight a company who sacked me for no reason when I worked very hard for them – I won and got the money in lieu of notice I was due!

When I was 19 and had an eating disorder, I was sacked because I was weak and they tried to get away with not paying me right – I won and got the money in lieu of notice I was due!

When I worked for an employment agency in my twenties, I could have claimed ‘unfair dismissal’ for all the hard work I had done, but I didn’t. I wish I had but my pride didn’t let me. I walked away.

But during that job and since I have had a relationship with employment law and I do fight for the employee!

So, already I have a page full of questions and points and I feel pretty angry, but I will fight to the end on this one. I have also thought that, since my dad has really been a carer for my mum for all these years – and continues to care for her – I will find out if he is due any carer allowance as well. All so difficult when they both get a pension, and the government doesn’t look after its pensioners as well as they deserve, but again I will try. My dad has a big sense of pride, but I said to him, maybe back down and let me see if I can help.

First stop, get the contract if there is one. Be polite. Next step, on to Citizens advice and get researching.

OMGosh what a nasty little sh** that man is!

Thanks for reading if you have,

Amanda 😀


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3 comments to My 82 year old dad getting unfairly sacked from work!

  • Jodie HIll

    Hi Amanda

    I am an employment lawyer and would be happy to help out and read through your docs if you decide to submit a claim. remember he has 3 months less once day to make a claim in the ET and must have been employed for over 2 years.

    Any questions you have my email.

    Kind regards

    Jodie x

  • David P

    I’m not surprised you’re angry sweetie. I hope you fight and win, but please don’t put yourself under too much pressure. As regards carers allowance. There are two rates for people over 65 low which is about £18 a week ( It’s been a while since I looked ) and high which is about £68.00 per week. The rate will depend on how much physical care your Dad has to give. ie. Help with dressing, bathing, whether he has to cook for her.What their income is has nothing to do with whether this is awarded and it’s not taxed. You could ring and ask for an application form to be sent and if your parents doctor is helpful he/she will be able to back the claim up. The only problem is, it can’t be backdated so it’s only done from the date they receive the form in the office.

    • amandagreenauthor

      Aw thanks David, that is very useful information! It’s fine if it’s from now, as, with no income, he needs it more than ever! I don’t think he will see himself as a carer, just that it’s been what he’s done since two weeks after their marriage, but I will talk him round. His pride cannot get in the way now. I know what you mean – I am not angry now, just organised, and that is a brilliant experience as I wouldn’t be calm even a year ago if it were happening then! I’ve made my plan and that has calmed me, as I know exactly what I will do. I shall go get the contract if they have one, study it, then move on from there. Oh I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but my dad wouldn’t let me as he needed his job, but now… I’m free! LOL

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