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My book review of ‘The Man in a Haystack’ by Alice Huskisson


What struck me first about this book was its honest approach and wonderfully bubbly writing ‘voice’. Alice is obviously a naturally gifted writer and editor; since she has self published a book this good, just with the help of a few friends!

Alice wrote an on-line ‘blog’ throughout a period of a few years in her forties, chronicling her dating experiences, emotions and thoughts which she then used to write this memoir, albeit changing names, places and a few tiny bits in order to save the faces of her ‘men’. As the story unfolds we see a more serious Alice (Alice changed her name to Mae in the book) and her roller coaster journey trying to find her ‘Man in a Haystack’!

I’m not one to tell the story in a book review so I shall leave you to read it for yourself, but I can assure you that for me, it got my own emotions stirred up, gave me food for thought, and I fought with my own opinions of her experiences as I read, even cringing at times for various reasons.

Alice has told her story how it is and I admire her honesty.

As with any book, you will have your own ideas about how you feel about her experiences, but you will feel something, whether it’s a ‘light bulb’ moment, anger, happiness, disappointment, laughter or any number of things.

Well worth a read – I have not read anything like it before and to be honest when I finished, I wished I had more of her story to read and I would definitely read more from this author!

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2 comments to My book review of ‘The Man in a Haystack’ by Alice Huskisson

  • Alice

    I should have left a comment before now – was this comments box here when I visited before? Thank you so much Amanda for reading and reviewing my memoir. You’ve said some lovely things and I really appreciate you shouting about it on your very own blog too. You’re a diamond girly. X

    • amandagreenauthor

      Hiya Alice, yes they were there before, but you don’t have to thank me, but hey thank you! And thank you for yours of course! My blog yes, well it’s the perfect place for it I reckon XXX

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