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My book review of ‘Wrong place wrong time’ by David Perlmutter based on a true story!

I really enjoyed this story based on true events! It is quite an adventure for the reader as David’s journey into a nightmare moves along quickly from one sticky situation to the next. It shows a lot can happen in a month!

David’s writing is so easy to read, you are left to enjoy the roller coaster ride which starts with a big mistake!

As I read, I could picture everything that was happening so well, I felt I was a fly on the wall watching it, feeling every emotion that David did, from depression and despair to elation and panic, and for this reason, I began to think of it being made into a film. Who would play David? Oh, that’s easy – a brilliant actor such as Tom Hardy would be perfect! I can see it all. This is not an idea driven by my own excitement, but of common sense. The sooner someone in the film industry makes David an offer he cannot refuse, the sooner we can all be enjoying it at the cinema and the success of this book can be spread further.

Well done David for retracing your steps to the tiniest detail, for being so honest about the negatives as well as the positives that occurred, and for writing it in a wonderfully gripping way !  I am definitely recommended it to my adult friends 🙂

p.s. this review can also be seen on Goodreads and Amazon 🙂

I am also in awe of David’s strength of character to overcome his bout of depression and find a way to break his daily routine of hibernation.  Getting through what he did in difficult times is a wonder!

Buy the book on by CLICKING HERE

Buy the book on by CLICKING HERE

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