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My top ten writing tips, based on my own experience and learning from many other authors…

I wrote these especially for lovely Emma Murphy (@Emma4FACS on twitter – see the end of the article for more information on this inspirational mother), who asked me tonight for my top five writing tips… Yes, there are ten, but I just couldn’t stop at five! LOL

1. Just write and keep writing, only edit once you have finished or you will lose your natural rhythm and focus

2. Write when you are in all sorts of moods – it amazes me how my writing changes when I am in different moods – happy, sad, angry…

3.  Unplanned writing – Write instead of doing something else that is planned.  My writing is often at it’s best as I am not expecting to write and have no set goal as to what I want to write or how much I want to write.  Sometimes setting goals around writing can put too much pressure on me and if I don’t set a goal, I write and write and write…

4. Warm up writing.  I love to write a journal each day and this is often my warm up to writing some really good narrative – all the babble comes out so I can focus on my words.

5. If planning to publish a piece of writing or a book, get an editor or at least a proofreader!  This is essential as no matter how much we read our own stories, we will always miss things and no-one wants to read repetition or misspellings!

6. Read other people’s books!  You will learn so much from them – what you like, don’t like, what grips you etc

7. If you are a beginner to writing or just want to better your writing, then writing courses can be very helpful

8. Writing magazines can provide lots of tips!

9. If you do publish, make sure your piece of writing or book is the best it can be – do not rush to publish it, as once it is done it is often too late to go back.

10. And a final tip is to be quiet and to think of nothing for a few minutes each day.  It might seem hard to find those few minutes to do this, but it is worth it.  Often, thinking of nothing will result in many ideas coming to you once your mind is clear – many of my best ideas have come to me from doing this mind de-clutter!

Here are some of my author interviews…

• My editor’s writing site (Debz Hobbs-Wyatt – Wordznerd Debz Hobbs-Wyatt my story of writing my book and self publishing

• Alison Smith-Squire – journalist author interview about self publishing and writing my book 

 Renata F Barcelos blog

• Writing magazine feature on writing my book and self publishing – click on the photo below to see the article (it will open in a new window)

my alien self Amanda Green in Writing Magazine August 2012

my alien self Amanda Green in Writing Magazine August 2012

Happy writing!  Never give up!

Amanda 😀

(Emma Murphy is Co-founder of In-FACT & FSA : Campaigner, mum of 5 age 3-9 all affected by FACS SYNDROME, raising awareness to help the thousands affected by the condition – do take a look as it is heartbreaking that a medication has devastated so many people and continues to!)

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7 comments to My top ten writing tips, based on my own experience and learning from many other authors…

  • Stuart H

    Great tips Amanda. Interestingly, I don’t follow the first one, though that has to do with my writing style. I write very slowly, working my way into each chapter a bit at a time and constantly revisiting and rewriting as I go along. I don’t ever go onto a new chapter until I’m satisfied with the previous one. This does mean that I have to have another process going on (often while I’m involved in some other activity) in which the plot is developing and evolving.
    Happy writing to you!

    • amandagreenauthor

      Aw thanks Stuart, I do try to be helpful 🙂 Yes that is interesting, but if that works for you then that’s great – we cannot all be the same that’s fur sure. I am terrible at following my own advice at times anyway but I usually want to plough through the chapters so I feel a greater sense of ‘getting there’ And I am a master at getting distracted LOL 😀

  • Heather M

    Excellent writing tips, especially the one that mentions writing in all different kinds of moods. That would definitely change the tone of what I’m writing.

  • Heather M

    excellent writing tips – I especially like the one about writing in all kinds of moods – hadn’t thought about that but it could make a difference in the tone of my memoir.

  • Emma M

    Thanks for this Amanda, was very very helpful. AM amazed at what emotions bring whilst writing, I get the feeling this will be a teary journey for me x x x

  • Carol R

    Excellent tips .. very helpful!

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