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No volunteering with Rethink for me – it’s such a shame they didn’t get back to me! But, dad comes first!

Titus my beautiful cat

Titus the great!

Just a quick update on my volunteering.  As you know I applied for a mental health group support worker role with Rethink in January, and have been fobbed off with being offered training in March, then it might be April, then nothing.  They asked me if I would still like to wait today once I had complained, but I have given up now, I do not have the patience.  I want to work with a group that has passion, cares for it’s volunteers, is efficient and offers the best service to it’s clients who suffer with mental health issues.

It is a great shame, as I feel I would have had so much to offer, what with my years of mental illness, my mental health anti-stigma campaign, my journey through recovery (ongoing), my writing my memoir and people finding my words comforting and inspiring, and my dedication to helping those with mental health issues.

It is also a shame as I chose this role as the one I wanted the most, and said no to the dementia group and to the help the elderly (also because it would make me sad right now to work with the elderly whilst my dad’s heart is being sorted out).

I did also apply to ‘Mind’, gave them my details directly and never heard from them either.  I will not take it personally that I am no good, just accept that these charities do not seem to care about gaining new volunteers.

However, I can apply to other roles.  Just now, though, I have to think of my dad first and foremost, and his recovery from his bypass operation which happens today.   In some ways, I already do my campaigns voluntarily so it’s kind of voluntary work 🙂

And, I guess, in the time that has gone by waiting, I have written my sequel ’39’ and done lots of other useful things, so it’s not all bad.

In fact, I have just called the hospital and they said dad’s just had his pre-meds and is going down to surgery right now.  Sad times.

I am using my own skill set to help me cope CLICK TO VIEW MY LIST OF COPING SKILLS (OPENS IN A NEW WINDOW)

But there are always good times just around the corner and if we never knew adversity we’d never fully appreciate comfort, happiness and good fortune.  My cat, Titus, is a wonderful comfort to me right now – he is adorable!

Take care,

Amanda x

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2 comments to No volunteering with Rethink for me – it’s such a shame they didn’t get back to me! But, dad comes first!

  • David

    Hi Amanda, such stupidity for a charity to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the skills and insight you offer.
    I hope everything went well for your father in the operation and that you’ll soon have him home again a lot fitter than you remember.
    xx Huge Hugs to you xx

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thanks David, I did tell them that too today! LOL

      All going good so far, so I am breathing again and he will be breathing on his own soon too, he’s just coming round as I write – yippee!

      Thing is he never seemed particularly unfit in the first place for an 81 year old – you’d never have known he had serious heart disease or that he is his age – most people think he’s sixties/early seventies. All too easy for these things to hide inside eh, it’s catching them that’s the biggest issue. But yes, he should be without his angina pains and feeling a lot better.

      I just find it hard with my family being such a disappointment, including my own mum, but if she’s not busy tomorrow she will come visit him with me. I cannot wait to see him personally. Gosh, sounds like I’m moaning now, but I’m not, I am soooo happy dad’s OK 🙂

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