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Reviews and feedback ‘My Alien Self; My Journey Back to Me’

I self published my memoir ‘My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me’ just over four months ago and so I thought I would put together some feedback and reviews on a page, to help potential readers in their decision as to whether to read my book or not. It also helps me tremendously to learn what, in my story, helps others – as sufferers of mental illness, family of those suffering with mental illness, those who work with mental illness, or those who generally read my story as a memoir with a twist.

The most important things for me, about my story, are that it helps sufferers of mental illness feel less alone, that it helps people understand what mental illness looks like and feels like, and that my message about stigma get across to as many people as possible (how unhelpful stigma is for sufferers, why stigma occurs and some ideas from my anti-stigma campaign which is covered fully in my memoir)

Most recently, a reviewer suggested a sequel might be useful in the future – and I also have thought about this, but let’s see how my life goes first

On this page I am including Amazon. Reviews ( and .com), twitter comments and any other feedback I have had about my memoir ‘My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me’ where it is intended to be public (this does not include private messages unless the person commenting has given me permission to use it) You will see a little bit of my OCD in the way I have done this!!!

I am still in awe of the feedback, I feel very honoured that people are reading my book and appreciating it, getting the things from it that I had so hoped, and that it is helping people in many different ways. I am honest when I say this, I really am overwhelmed! And some of the feedback just makes me cry – BPD and mental illness can cause so much sadness if not diagnosed, because of stigma, or because the right help isn’t sought or at hand – I just want everyone to have a life worth living, to find strength and get the help and support that they need. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AMAZON PAGE IN A NEW WINDOW


5.0 out of 5 stars Desperate inspiration 21 Aug 2012

By MrAlbionMan

Format:Kindle Edition

I’d heard about this book some time ago, and being a carer for a wife with severe mental illness, suffering mild mental disturbance myself and an avid campaigner to end stigma and improve mental health services, I knew I would read it… but when…

So,today I have now had time to settle down… I found it compulsive, disturbing and ultimately inspiring.I had no real exposure to mental illness when young, although we did have a distant relative resident in an “asylum” to use the word of that time.

It was only after my wife suffered post natal depression, then became ill with acute psychotic depression (now become dementia)in 2004 that I started to understand.

Reading this memoir, there were so many points where I thought I know exactly how that looks, or feels, and at times felt she could be writing about my life And that was one of the great enlightenments, because thinking of it, I know so many people who would say the same. These issues are unique to the individual, but there are many more out there with similar problems, who don’t have the eloquence, courage or motivation to write such a thought-provoking, honest, heart breaking inspiring book, chronicling all the pain and emotion that mental illness can load onto a person, a family, it is just not understood by anyone who has not been through it. It is so wonderful that someone like Amanda, who has lived it, suffered it, can have the courage and nobility to write it so eloquently… this should be read by everyone out there who has any compassion for their fellow man… it will open a whole range of new experience and knowledge, which is the first major step in removing the stigma that damns us all My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me


5.0 out of 5 stars An Inspirational and Honest Read 4 Sep 2012

By Star16

Format:Kindle Edition

This was written openly and honestly enabling me to recognise shared experiences with the author. It has been extremely comforting and inspiring following her through her journey back to herself. I hope that there will be a sequel starting from where this one ends as I’m sure there’s so much more that she could share that would give those of us just starting our journey. A very brave and insightful read.


5.0 out of 5 stars A gripping memoir 1 Aug 2012

By Michael

Format:Kindle Edition

This book is great … I cannot recommend it highly enough … Well written and brutally honest … It’s a moving, inspiring and exciting read from cover to cover …This memoir is a must have read for all bpd suffers or people who want to try and understand the condition … I couldn’t put it down!


5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational 3 Sep 2012

By onthefineline

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Amanda’s book provides an honest and open account of the life of a sufferer of BPD.

Being somewhere between the diagnoses of BPD and bipolar myself, I found much of Amanda’s story related to my own experiences.

Thoroughly recommended to anyone recently diagnosed as a sign that there is hope beyond the despair. Also family and friends of suffers as an incite into the complex lives of people with mental health issues. With much respect to Amanda Green.


5.0 out of 5 stars An Obssessive Read!, 30 Aug 2012


Debby F Denny – See all my reviews

This review is from: My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me (Kindle Edition)

I found Amanda Green by chance on twitter & decided to have a look. I think it was the cover that grabbed me first, being a person who is easily swayed by anything green & the picture of the lock of course hypnotised me! I bought this after hearing it was about depression/borderline personality disorder and OCD & the like, all of which I have but also because of the mention of her mother being a schizophrenic. A troubled childhood of this kind that so many of us share & never ever talk about is a thing that’s so swept under the carpet I’m sure until now only the therapists know we exist! It was heartening as I read to feel as if I was finally sharing my own troubled childhood with somebody else at last although obviously it’s the other way around but also my reactions to it all throughout my life are also shared – into a big alien mirror! Whilst Amanda is completely different to myself, I felt so many of my own excruciating experiences shared with her, as I read it got very synchronous at times… The levels of understanding, sympathy & empathy did not stop rising until at a peak near the end. A lady who has worked hard to push through many boundaries, not just to get this book written but also to change herself, as much as one is able. I wouldn’t call it a self-help book, unless you take Amanda’s advice, & indeed my own, to take inspiration from this to work your way through your own troubles & inner demons yourself & take control, and then write your own book! Very exciting at times, and brutally honest it’s a real refreshing change to have read something that hides nothing, except her & her family’s real identity for the sake of retaining a bit of dignity. Definitely 5 stars. Thank you Amanda you should feel very proud of yourself! CLICK HERE TO SEE ‘MY ALIEN SELF’ ON AMAZON.COM IN A NEW WINDOW


5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful, September 19, 2012

By Kit – Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me (Kindle Edition)

As a psychiatric nurse I found this book very helpful to my practice. Her life story helped me understand that my patients have a life story to how they got to where they are. I have my textbook stories on how to “talk” to my patients, but it taught me how to “talk” to the symptoms not the person. Amanda gave me insight on how to talk to the person.

As for my personal life. Majority of my family have mental illnesses to various degrees. Some are hospitalized, some are not and should be. The struggle Amanda went through to accept her mother is a demon I am struggling with myself.

I find this book a great discussion starter to reduce or even end stigma towards mental illness within yourself. This book really demonstrates that stigma towards mental illness is present in all of us and we can change it.


5.0 out of 5 stars A great read, not just for those with mental health issues., September 19, 2012

By Essex Aid

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me (Kindle Edition)

I initially downloaded this book because I am interested in psychology, different personality types and how people overcome life’s difficulties. However, I am also a fellow sufferer of depression so I very much related on a personal level to many of the issues Amanda describes so eloquently and positively in her `alien journey.’ What an interesting, fun and well written life story this is – I was engaged right from the start and couldn’t put it down. Amanda’s certainly packed a lot of exciting adventures into her life! Not only is the book very useful for those with Border Personality Disorder, OCD, anxiety and depression by describing the various treatments that Amanda has tried over the years, it also inspires hope, courage and a light at the end of the tunnel. I would thoroughly recommend this book not just to those suffering with mental health issues, but to those who would also like a jolly good read!

5.0 out of 5 stars This book gave me hope. September 14, 2012

By Meg Woodard

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me (Kindle Edition)

I very much enjoyed reading this memoir. It reminded me a lot of myself – except for all the exciting traveling. This book very clearly explained the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, and what life was actually like for Amanda while going through this. It was difficult for her at first, but she learned how to cope with her out-of-control emotions, anger, and OCD through various forms of therapy. Reading this has given me hope as a sufferer of BPD. It lets me know that maybe this pain WILL end and that there’s a way out if I look for it. This has encouraged me to continue down the path I’m on, trying to recover using therapy and soul-searching. I understand from reading her account that it will be difficult, but at least I know now that it’s possible. This is a MUST READ for anyone struggling with borderline personality disorder and thinking there is no way out. Amanda has shown that there is hope for people with mental health issues. I would recommend this book to anyone who has BPD or has loved one that does.


5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful, September 12, 2012


Stephanie – Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me (Kindle Edition)

I just finished reading this book. I truly enjoyed reading it. It helped me see how I cycled in negative patterns, and I actually put a stop to my biggest addiction, while reading this book, money. I love when the author is able to transmit their story and and all the while help me uncover my own. I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs hope coping with any mental illness. 🙂


5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended! July 30, 2012

By Madison

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Highly recommended, a must read for many reasons. This memoir is exciting, full of zeal, strength, wisdom, information and hope and that’s to name a few. It is the kind of memoir that many who read it will relate too because it touches on so many things that makes it hard not to identify with the author.


5.0 out of 5 stars Deja vu August 12, 2012

By BarbieBites

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

My Alien Self is hands down the best memoir about dealing with BPD. At times I experienced déjà vu reading this book because it felt like Amanda wrote the story of my life. The best part of the book is how Amanda becomes her own hero and, with a little help, saves herself. It’s a must read for Biarderlines.


5.0 out of 5 stars Emotion Regulation Disorder (BPD) August 30, 2012

By Michelle Boisvert

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I absolutely love this book! Very well written and with lots of emotion. One of those books you just can’t put down! I definitely recommend it!


5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for people with a loved one with BPD September 5, 2012

By Miguel

Format:Kindle Edition

After I ended my relationship with my ex-fiancee I learnt that she suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Getting over her has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, mainly because I loved her more than anything’and she was an amazing woman, but also because been with her was taking a toll on my emotional and physical health.

Amanda’s book has been an outstanding discovery that will help understand many of the causes and also the effects that BPD has on the person that suffers it and also the effects on her/his/ loved ones. Page by page I started to feel more and more in peace with my ex-fiancee and specially in peace with myself.

The book actually takes you to witness a process of BPD development in a clear, accesible, honest and valiant style. It’s an exercise of generosity in itself and helps mirroring some of the situations I came across in my own relationship.

After reading the book I felt proud of myself and decided to keep the love for my ex as one of the most valuable relationships I’ve ever had. This book is a whole different approach than the traditional readings on the matter. It cames from the heart and soul of someone who experienced it and had the courage and generosity to support others through her personal writing. It deserves to be read. I’m sure all readers will find Amanda’s words useful and supportive.


Reviews from Goodreads CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MEMOIR AND REVIEWS ON GOODREADS (opens in a new page)


Soo’s review 23rd September 2012

4* (out of 5) = means ‘really liked it!’

bookshelves: e-book, non-fiction, autobiography

Read in August, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1

I finished reading this book exactly one month ago. I find it really difficult to review a book that is, essentially, the story of another persons life. For this reason I have taken some time to try and strike a balance between the story and its presentation, which I truly hope I have managed to do.

The story is a no-holds-barred, this is me, account of a life packed with extremes. On many occasions I found myself actively disliking the writer. When it first happened I took a cup of coffee into my garden and thought about what I was feeling. I’ve undergone Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and it’s good to discover why we feel the way we do instead of just reacting. My conclusion was that the author didn’t like herself, at that point in her life, and I was feeling what she had felt.

I am in awe of Amanda’s courage in writing this book and there were many times when she could have been describing me. For this reason I totally agree with Amanda’s wanting to change the way mental illness is viewed and this leads to the presentation of the book.

I have long held the belief that mental illness is simply the way an individual mind deals with the realities of life. Society wants to file everything into neat little boxes, which in turn complicates things even more. However, I really believe that any approach to this subject is better left to after the personal story.

I actually skipped over parts that, to be brutally honest, felt a bit ‘preachy’ to continue the story. These parts of the book are, I feel, as important to Amanda as her personal journey and it would be a shame for them to be overlooked as they do contain an awful lot of really important information. This, I believe, is where there needs to be some serious editing; if only to separate the life that was from the life that is.


Feedback via email/website


“I just wanted to let you know that I am half way through your book (exactly 50 per cent according to my kindle!) I’m finding it incredibly honest and I feel very privileged to be able to read it. I am impressed with your bravery at sharing your story. …I think you certainly have shown how it feels to live with this condition, the sense of chaos but also the ability to look so well and function so highly in front of others. Most of the time I wasn’t aware I was putting on a front, I just didn’t know how else to be…. You’ve done a great job though and on a personal level there is so much that I can relate to, especially the constant upping sticks and starting again either with location, jobs, friends or all of the above. ..” Fiona Thompson (Service user with BPD) 4th September 2012 (I cannot wait to hear more!)

More to come…

Professional reviews by charities and organisations

Book Review: My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me by Amanda Green by Bon Dobbs of ‘anything to stop the pain – author and website blogger supporting and informing those affected by Borderline Personality Disorder – family/friends of or sufferers themselves.


I recently finished reading Amanda Green’s My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Meon my Kindle. It is a memoir that begins with the author’s diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and moves on to a journal entry from her teenage years about being raped – a journal entry that she didn’t remember writing about an event that she’d suppressed in her memory.

The first half of the book covers the events in her life leading up to the BPD diagnosis and to the development of her alien self. Many of these events are typical of borderline thinking and behaving in the face of painful emotions, depression and dysphoria. She engages in self-injury. She has suicidal ideation. She abuses substances. She places much value in short-term relationships with several men and is devastated when these relationships fail to materialize or make her feel better. The most striking behavior in the author’s case (at least to me) is the pattern of “running away” to foreign lands to escape the painful states of mind. I’ve seen people with BPD do this on several occasions (including my own wife) and it is hard for the family members to understand fully. The author does a remarkable job of explaining this running away impulse and what is means in her life. Anyone who is a family member of a person with BPD who exhibits this behavior, whether it is running away to another country or just running from situation to situation, can find My Alien Life valuable. I felt that the first part of the book was a bit long, but I also understood the point of the detailed explanations of her behavior leading to treatment. Sprinkled with journal entries, email communication with her therapists and conversations with her significant other(s), the first section accomplishes the task of explaining the thinking behind the disorder from the inside out. One tragic cloud looming over her childhood is the specter that she will turn out like her mother, who is schizophrenic (catatonic subtype). I can only imagine what the fear of that end would cause in a child and young adult.

She makes a number of impulsive decisions throughout the first section, including buying a condo in Spain, shuttling between Australia and the U.K., Japan and Thailand, making bad business deals that resulted in bankruptcy and other such examples. She vacillates between adoring and abhorring her significant other. Much of this behavior screams borderline personality disorder, and it is helpful that she finally received a proper diagnosis.

The book really shines in the second half which concerns the “what now?” post-diagnosis return to her self. While there are many borderline personality disorder memoirs out now (including The Buddha and the Borderline, Loud House of Myself,Get Me Out of Here, Girl in Need of a Tourniquet and Poisoned Love – see this link), My Alien Self goes a long way to providing hope to the sufferers of BPD. By publishing the steps taken to reframe certain ways thinking, through CBT worksheets and other exercises, the author has revealed that recovery from BPD is possible. I found the second half of the book quite useful in pointing sufferers and their family members alike in the effective direction of healing. While the first half might resonate more fully with a person with BPD – in the “that sounds like me” fashion – the second half, which covers the road to recovery and the rediscovery of the true self, is quite beneficial to both sufferers and those that love them.


Twitter feedback

Natalie ‏@TheVille 04 Sept

@AmandaGreenUK I’m about halfway through your book and it’s been (somewhat uncomfortably) eye-opening. Thank you for sharing your story. I will definitely finish. A little discomfort and introspection can be a good thing. I will give you my thoughts when done

Susie Sav ‏@SusieAtLarge 03 Sept

#myalienself Just finished this book. Brilliant frank and honest account of overcoming MH issues. Thanks for sharing!! @ AmandaGreenUK

Karen ‏@onthefineline 03 Sept

@AmandaGreenUK Just finished your book congrats on a moving and inspirational read. My psych can’t decide if I have #BPD or #bipolar :(:I just reviewed: ‘My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me’ by Amanda Green via @amazonuk …

fliss_aye ‏@fliss_aye 29 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK Meant to let you know I’d finished this! Really enjoyed it, could relate, good ending:) Thanks for sharing your story:) xo

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 27 Aug

Check out @AmandaGreenUK’s #BPD/#borderline memoir. Highly recommended by peers

debbyFdenny ‏@debbyFdenny 27 Aug

Just finished #myalienself by @AmandaGreenUK such a good read but not in a self-help way but more of a validating sort of way – Recommended!

debbyFdenny ‏@debbyFdenny 26 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK At 71%!! You’ve written a/the coherent version of my life/head story & I don’t even mean that in a self referencing way..!! It certainly feeds my narcissism coz we’ve walked the same road long enough to know all we had to do was cross it lol xx ;oD

Kit Griffiths ‏@sunraykisses 25 Aug

The more I read from @AmandaGreenUK memoir My Alien Self, the more inspired I become to watch how I treat and talk to all ppl

Susie Sav ‏@SusieAtLarge 24 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK -reading this at the moment!! Can relate-mentally ill mum bit especially. Very good work

Kit Griffiths ‏@sunraykisses 24 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK wrote an amazing memoir- My Alien Self. I cannot stop reading it. It captures the struggles of mental illness so well

Miguel de la Vega ‏@mig_delavega 23 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK Thank you for opening your words to us, reading you is taking part of a knowledge ride. Thanks for your generosity. You have an outstanding writing style, reading your book is indeed sharing a learning process of #BPD thanks!

Nyna Joi ‏@neenameena1 23 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK this book is indeed free! i’v downloaded it myself thru my Kindle acct on my laptop. I’ve finished it in 2 days.Great read! I love the journal entries and the visceral approach to the truth as you approach healing and discovery

emma paslawska ‏@emmamarie1980 22 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK I just popped on to say how great im finding your book on chapter 3. Im feeling more normal about myself. Thankyou 4 writingx

Miguel de la Vega ‏@mig_delavega 21 Aug

Reading @AmandaGreenUK #e-book, an inspirational and encouraging memory about #mental illness, therapy and #recovery

Rich Wakefield ‏@mralbionman 21 Aug

I recommend everyone to read @AmandaGreenUK book My alien self my journey back to me… compulsive, moving and inspiring

Meagan Woodard ‏@Meggers2003 21 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK Loving your book! I had a hard time putting it down. Hope it does well!! 🙂

Aly Z. Khan ‏@AlyZKhan 21 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK You are inspiring to have suffered so much and found the courage to write your story, which will undoubtedly help others

Millie ‏@Millie_Ev 17 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK I downloaded a sample of your book. V good so far! When I get paid I’m going to download it fully.X

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 17 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK Hi Amanda! I’m still in awe of your accomplishment and proud of you! #7 on Kindle Mental Health Books, people! ♥

mistermellors ‏@mistermellors 17 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK I’m just reading an extract on amazon. Brought back a memory of being “lost” in M&S with the tannoy announcement! So similar!

BPD FFS sue sibbald ‏@BPDFFS 15 Aug

@MindCharity @amandagreenuk Amanda’s book My Alien Self : my journey back to me is wonderful.- both me and Amanda grew up with a parent with Schizophrenia and the different ways people manage their illness

Mind ‏@MindCharity 15 Aug

“I used my OCD tendencies to get me through.” Read about@amandagreenuk’s story

Laura C ‏@xLauraCx 13 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK i read your book in two days, it was really well written and i was happy to read the positive endingxxx

Kit Griffiths ‏@sunraykisses 10 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK wrote an inspiring memoir that is a must read. Plus she is an amazing advocate on mental illness

BPD FFS sue sibbald ‏@BPDFFS 03 Aug

@AmandaGreenUK I am at 100%, I finished, yay. That’s an achievement for me and your book is wonderful 🙂

Carl Dunn ‏@CarlDunnJr 03 Aug

@BPDFFS Driving to Waco Texas for DBT workshop listening to@AmandaGreenUK great book on Kindle “My Alien Self”

Nuage Solitaire ‏@nuage_16 31 July

I have finished reading My Alien Self by @AmandaGreenUK & can definitely recommend it. 5* read It was like listening 2 a friend chat

@AmandaGreenUK I’ve finished reading your book. It was a compelling read. Another time I’ll DM the many similarities of our lives.U r amazing

BPD FFS sue sibbald ‏@BPDFFS 31 July

@AmandaGreenUK you will be pleased to know I’m at 83% . Ha ha I shall be finished soon. It’s an excellent book, you are helping other people ‏@FollowBDT 25 July

Can you relate to any of the experiences shared in our latest guest blog? Amanda Guest Blog – The story of my mum and dad… #mentalhealth

Featureworld UK ‏@Featureworld 25 July

Thank you to @AmandaGreenUK for a great author spot today!http://

Optimist World ‏@OptimistWorld 20 July

A very #inspirational and powerful contribution from one of our readers@amandagreenuk Amanda Green – My Alien Self: My Journey Back To Me…

BettyGudrun ‏@BettyGudrun 17 July

@AmandaGreenUK Have you ever got involved with the recovery network, Amanda? Reckon they’d love to hear your story 🙂 Amazing organisation

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 13 July

I am reading @AmandaGreenUK’s #BPD memoir on #Kindle Moving, well written, and helpful!

Debz Hobbs-Wyatt ‏@BridgeHouseDebz 09 July

Guest Blogger Amanda Green Author talks about her mental health memoir, and the process of self-publishing it

Barbie Bites ‏@BarbieBites 08 July

@AmandaGreenUK @serafiasco I think you show great insight into the world of BPD without blaming and paying the

Seraphina ‏@HauteFiasco 05 July

@AmandaGreenUK @nuagesjd I got it on my iPad last week and I couldn’t put it down. You’re a fantastic writer 🙂

Journeys ‏@Journeysonline 05 July

Read Amanda’s inspirational story on our website

Kristy ‏@MyBipolarBrain 29 July

@AmandaGreenUK Got a chance to read some more of your book today. On chapter 23. It’s really hard to put down! 🙂

Stéphanie ‏@Littlebouncer 25 June

So, @AmandaGreenUK , I read the sample section of your book. I can’t wait to read the rest of it. I’m attached to your mom already

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 20 June

Has anyone else read “My Alien Self” by @AmandaGreenUK on #Kindle? Excellent #BPD #memoir. Enjoying it!

Kit Griffiths ‏@sunraykisses 18 June

@AmandaGreenUK what an amazing read about ur dad. U have a wndrfl gift with words. I feel like I am in that person’s head. It helps me understand

BPD FFS sue sibbald ‏@BPDFFS 10 June

Amanda has just wriitten her memoir if people didnt know its excellent im reading it at the minute

pd2ot ‏@pd2ot 10 June

@AmandaGreenUK Just downloaded #MyAlienSelf for my kindle, really looking forward to reading it

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 10 June

@AmandaGreenUK poured her heart and soul into her #BPD memoir “My Alien Self.” Excellent

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 10 June

@AmandaGreenUK You know what, the whole #BPD twitter community is celebrating this HUGE achievement (book) w/you. You are talented and brave

Carrie ‏@IthinkIamCarrie 08 June

@AmandaGreenUK I read it all last weekend 🙂 A good read! Also liked the way different approaches of therapy came together to help you

HealingFromBPD ‏@HealingFromBPD 07 June

Your book, esp stories abt Agnes, is reminding me to remember and cherish the GOOD memories of childhood. There are some! 🙂

BPD FFS sue sibbald ‏@BPDFFS 02 June

I am on chapter 17 it is really good. Its helping me through my current situation.

BPD FFS sue sibbald ‏@BPDFFS 01 June

I am reading @AmandaGreenUK memoir about her life with # BPD It is amazing. Similarity for me is her life with a #schizophrenic mother. Wow

Kit Griffiths ‏@sunraykisses 31 May

U want an excellent read? Get #MyAlienSelf from . It is a fabulous memoir of a woman’s journey thru her mental illness.

Kit Griffiths ‏@Kit Griffiths ‏@sunraykisses 31 May

@AmandaGreenUK wow ur book is amazing so far. I can’t put it down

Debz Hobbs-Wyatt ‏@PawsDebz 31 May

Memoir about a journey back from mental health, Out today. W could all relate to what @AmandaGreenUK has to say



All to come…


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