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Some simple ways to keep positive…

Visual beauty

Visual beauty

I have been exercising positivity in a few different ways lately, to help me with my continuing journey of recovery, so I’d like to share a few more ways to do this. These may sound simple exercises but they work for me. These examples are not all from my own thoughts and feelings, but are more general.

I improve all the time, and it is now hard to believe how mentally tortured I was in the past…


Beauty in nature

Beauty in nature

First of all, it’s the simply exercise of changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts…

I can’t do it = I can do it

I’m a failure = I’m a success

Yes, yes, yes very simple but bear with me…


Now, onto turning negative thoughts into some positive action…

I can’t get that job = apply and see what happens

I can’t be a beautician = get signed up for a course

I’ll never get a boyfriend = Well, are you in a position to find one at the present time? Do you actually want one? Then go from there…


Write two lists:

All the positive things about yourself (honest, thoughtful, like buying people presents, good at your job etc)

Use your senses for mindfulness

Use your senses for mindfulness

All the positive things in your life right now (friends, family, events, home, security)

Now write all the negatives…

There are a lot more positives than negatives right?


And, as always, I will bring into this the wonders of ‘Mindfulness’.

Mindfulness in its simplest form is being at peace with yourself, and ‘in the moment’. Let’s face it how can you enjoy life right now if you are always thinking about problems in the past or problems that might occur in the future?

How many of us totally enjoy this very moment? Not enough, I’d say.

So, next time you are late driving somewhere, on a train or a bus, forget worrying about what might happen when you get there, or regretting not leaving earlier, or getting angry at the reason for the delay… Just be in the moment.
Wind down the window, listen for birds, sounds, smells… Look around you; what is going on… If there’s nothing you can do about being late, just calm down and enjoy those extra few minutes…

When you are eating, really enjoy each mouthful instead of stuffing it in whilst watching TV and then realising, afterwards, that you hadn’t even taken much notice of your dinner.

When you walk along a high street or through a park, take notice of other people, animals, nature; looking at the floor won’t make your life more pleasant but integrating with the world around you might.

And even if you are looking forward to finishing work or towards a holiday, don’t wish your life away – grasp every minute of it. Life will not wait for you.

One last note: let’s face it, if that horrible thing you’ve convinced yourself about hasn’t happened yet, and you haven’t got it in writing, then there’s a good chance it won’t happen at all 🙂

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