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‘Strippers’ the TV programme, how it reminds me of my time working in Tokyo, Japan, our floods, my single bed, homeless, benefits and foodbanks

I’ve been watching ‘Strippers’ on TV. It reminds me of when I worked in Tokyo in a strip club/hostess bar, but the dancers got paid a lot more as it was exclusive and very expensive. I was a hostess, mind, not a dancer; I could never have been or be a dancer.

These girls in Scotland in the TV programme and many other bars are shockingly not even paid for their time, or their stage dancing; the only way they earn is £5 approx per private complete strip dance. Sometimes they can earn £100 but often nothing or £5. Surely they could earn more in another kind of job if they worked the non stop hours they do…

I always think of these things as ‘each to their own’ but these girls need to be so strong minded to be letched over, abused verbally etc by men. They say that they just look at men as ‘money’ for them, but it still must be very hard and only the hardest survive or those so desperate for money, that they get stuck in a rut and have to continue to pay the bills.

It also reminds me of another recent new item: The UK’s use of food banks.  Isn’t it just so awful that so many people are in that much poverty that they NEED to go to food banks. I mean, we know there are thousands in poverty and homeless, but it is growing rapidly. And part of the reason is all this mix up with the benefits system – taking people’s benefits away unnecessarily, leaving them with weeks or months of no income. This simply has to stop and the government need a lot more of a push to sort it out asap.

After our terrible floods, which have left so many without homes, or ruined homes, it seems to be one bad thing after another this year already, and I have stopped my obsession about getting a double bed, because I felt, at 40, it was ridiculous to still sleep in a single bed; I have realised, again, that these small things do not matter in the long run and I have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in after all, which far too many do not … X

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