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Success of my ‘mental illness anti-stigma campaign’ is amazing – 2624 downloads in five days!

2624 people downloaded my book in my 5 day free giveaway for my mental health Anti Stigma campaign! WOW! I am so impressed, that is more than double the amount downloaded in my first campaign five months ago!

I am so grateful to all of you for downloading it, tweeting it and telling others’ about it. I hope that you will read it and understand the message I have tried to portray in writing my story about my family, mental illness, my life, adventures and stigma. I have one review on Amazon saying that it is a self indulgent story, but this is a story of my life and I cannot change what is true when it is about me! I have only written it as it happened and do not feel sorry for myself or blame anyone for my own actions. However, apart from that one, everyone else seems to ‘get’ the reason for my writing and appreciates why I have written it – to help others.

Enjoy and learn not just from mine but from all those wonderful memoirs out there that tell us of their true events, feelings and outcomes. We are all individuals and all have a story to tell, it’s just telling it that’s the hardest part. Fiction also plays a massive part in telling us of the unusual, horrible, wonderful, inspirational and possible things that go on in the world.

So, happy reading – ‘Escape into the world of books in 2013’ is my second message!

Not just for mine, but all we self published (Indie) authors rely on ourselves to promote our stories and reviews really do help, so if you do read books, please take a few moments to write a line or two in a review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other site you can – ‘Every little helps – it really does!’

Warm regards,

Amanda 🙂


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2 comments to Success of my ‘mental illness anti-stigma campaign’ is amazing – 2624 downloads in five days!

  • David P

    Congratulations Amanda but no great surprise. There are few people who would admit to having a mental illness (I’m one) let alone have the courage to write about the long climb out of it. Much better to read a book by someone who’s not just been there and bought the tee-shirt but who has survived and can tell a better story than the experts who can talk symptoms,diagnosis and prognosis but can’t bring it to it’s evil all consuming life. I know there are funds available to help sufferers put books into print through some mental health publisher whom I’ve forgotten so if there’s a sequel………..

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thanks David! I am so pleased with the result – more than twice as many as my first campaign! yay! You are right, and that is why I decided to share my story – I was so inspired, and aided by reading other sufferers memoirs – they made me feel less alone – that I decided if it was the last thing I did, I would write mine for others to read. I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I remember that I not only finished the book and self published it, but that I got better! 🙂 It had a positive ending because of my efforts! It was like I had two reasons to get better. I really do think writing helped me a lot.

      I do not know about funds, although I know about Chipmunka publishing, who publish mental health memoirs.

      There will be a sequel – watch this space 🙂

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