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Thank you to all who do not stigmatize, who have read my memoirs and supported me/been friends with me afterwards (showing non-stigma) and everyone else for supporting my books!

some of my potted plants

some of my potted plants

Flowers for you all! I was just thinking about how many lovely on-line friends and author supporters I have, through my blog, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks. Some of whom I chat to privately. It got me thinking about how most people in my real life have not supported me through my mental illness and difficult times, yet how many have read my honest memoirs (which show my flaws, my bad behaviours and experiences) and supported me afterwards. It might be a review of my memoir, it might be a friendship, it might be supporting my books or telling me that they appreciate my memoirs, but one thing those people have in common is that they are not stigmatizing me for who I am or my illnesses, past and present. Some people could view my old bad behaviours and think I am a bad person, but most people don’t and I think that is wonderful, as I really do have a good heart.

Therefore, I want to say thank you to all of those lovely people, and well done for being free of stigma in this subject. I appreciate you all.

Although I try mainly to support others with mental illness, and am a member of some mental health advocacy and such like groups on facebook, occasionally I do need support too, and those who are there for me at those times are very special.

I also appreciate all my author friends in my mutual support network – you rock!

more of my potted plants

more of my potted plants

Writing is an art; a creative way of linking words to entertain or educate readers, and now I have written six books, I finally call myself a writer and author and feel I have a place in the world of authors. All my works are focused on adversities, overcoming them and are meant to be inspirational, so I hope I can continue to write stories of that nature, although they will most likely all be fiction now as I think I have written enough about me, at least for now – well apart from in this blog of course lol 🙂

Take care all! And spread the word; stigmatizing hurts others and no-one wants to have a mental illness any more than a physical one. 🙂

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2 comments to Thank you to all who do not stigmatize, who have read my memoirs and supported me/been friends with me afterwards (showing non-stigma) and everyone else for supporting my books!

  • David P

    An illness should not be stigmatized and those suffering/ who have suffered illness deserve support. In as much as it’s possible Amanda you have mine sweetie.

    I’m truly impressed with your gardening skills, design as well as growing. I have absolutely no skills in that direction and I’d be better off planting plastic ones I can’t kill in my pots.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • amandagreenauthor

      Hey thanks David, and nice to hear from you! Hope you are well. Hee hee, well with no garden, I just have to have lots of pots – I seem to have grown into it with age. Take care and all the best, Amanda 🙂 x

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