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The best things come to those who wait and now is my time! Foster cats, moving home, recovery from mental illness and a sequel

March 2013  mittens my foster cat

March 2013 mittens my foster cat

I’ll keep this one brief…

For a very long time now I have been saying that old quote ‘The best things come to those who wait’ as in ‘be patient’.  Thing is, all along, I have been patiently hoping my dreams would come true and have sought them in the meantime with every bit of patience I could muster.  And now, I can honestly say that it has come!

Firstly, I have my foster cat having waited years now until I was in a position to have a cat.  She had been in an indoor cattery for over a year and no-one wanted her, so I took her straight away.  My life has been dysfunctional, so I particularly befriend those who have also not had a run of the mill life – it seems cats included now LOL.  She is beautiful, large, cuddly, affectionate, clean and does little hisses and growls every so often, but having only had her one day already, I am sure she will calm down.  She generally spends her time purring and is currently laying next to me on the bed – ahhhh!  And I would recommend anyone who is able, please do consider giving a cat, dog or other animal that is rescued, a home.  You can either foster temporarily, or adopt for life – do give it your thoughts! For me, it was a wonderful feeling to take Mittens out of the cattery and give her a loving home 🙂

Secondly, I have a new home – a little house, not a flat for once!  And thanks to Chris helping me, I have furnished it the best I have ever done.  I have all my pictures and bits from all over the world on show at last, but have a new sofa, dining table and chairs and chest of drawers in the bedroom – I have never had so much new stuff, as I have always had second hand, apart from beds.  It feels special, I feel spoiled and the house looks cute and homely!

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, I have come so far in my recovery from my diagnosed mental illnesses, I forget I have been ill in the first place, day to day!  I take my medications and am decreasing them very, very slowly, so time will tell, but I am full of confidence that all will be good.


February 2013 tattoos love and strength

February 2013 tattoos love and strength

Fourth, I was able to have those last two tattoos on my wrists to signify I knew ‘love’ and am full of ‘strength’. I planned to have them a few years ago for when I recovered, and I am now there, living that plan for real!

Fifth, I am working on my sequel and very happy with it! It’s pretty different to my first memoir because it’s not all about mental health, but I hope everyone will like it, including a wider audience!

Sixth, we have just had confirmation that my dad is going to get Solicitor support through his house contents insurance, to work on our behalf on the employment tribunal as we are now taking his ex-boss to court!

And seventh, Chris’ hernia operation went very well, we had a lovely hotel room for me to hang out in while I waited, and he is recovering much better than six years ago when he had the hernia fixed on the other side! Yes!

Now my dads need for a triple heart bypass was not good news, but he has already had appointments for both his pre-op scan and lung function tests, plus his appointment to see the heart surgeon consultant – good on the NHS in this instance! Well done!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Amanda 😀 xxx


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4 comments to The best things come to those who wait and now is my time! Foster cats, moving home, recovery from mental illness and a sequel

  • Dody

    YAY!!! Congratulations, Amanda 🙂 First for hanging onto that thread of patience, so poignantly revealed throughout your memoir. It has led you to Mittens, your own home and a more balanced relationship with Chris. Sending best wishes to your dad and your family, and to Chris. So looking forward to reading your next memoir!

    • amandagreenauthor

      Aw thanks Dody! Patience certainly has led me to all those wonderful things and then some! You’ll read my next memoir – pressure! LOL 😀

  • David

    You’re an inspiration Amanda. A real sign that recovery and a better life can be had when you fight back from illness and rule IT rather than letting IT rule you. I’m delighted things are going so well and that you have your little house and a cat at last.Please give your Dad my best wishes with his operation.
    xx Huge Hugs xx

    • amandagreenauthor

      Thank you David, it’s lovely of you to send your best wishes! Yes, it’s about taking control and although it’s taken a long time, it is marvelous to now be ‘on the other side’ as it were, and out of the battleground! Hope you are doing well 😀

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