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Therapy cats, pets, family, a new chapter and lowering blood pressure!

Titus my cat peacefully asleep

Titus my cat peacefully asleep

I really wanted Titus to be a therapy cat, and I just realised that he kind of is…. To my mum and dad when I take him round there. I get dinner, they get my cat and I for the night. They actually ask for me to bring him. Dad strokes him, teases him and plays with him (usually getting a scratch or two!) and Mum follows him around, cooing over him and strokes him; albeit timidly at times. It struck me that Titus is a kind of therapy cat in those situations. I mean, I have already acknowledged that he is therapy for me and a whole lot of fun with his cheeky ways and imaginative ways of communicating his needs. He fills my life with joy. But, when I take him to my mum and dads, he fills their house with joy as well. No problems; just calm, fun and enjoyment.

Cats are fantastic therapy and owning one and stroking it often, is proven to reduce blood pressure. If you can ‘be in the moment’ listening to their purring, stroking their soft fur, really interacting, you will also be practising

titus and the fish tank

titus and the fish tank

‘mindfulness’ without even realising! (my hamster and tropical fish help me to be mindful as well)

Need I say more!

There are so many cats that need new homes, for many reasons (owner has passed away or they were no longer wanted or cared for, for example) so if you would like a fab cat, please think of getting your new addition to your family at a rescue centre (RSPCA, Cats Protection etc). I do support ‘Adopt don’t shop’. I fostered Titus nearly two years ago and he was the one for me so I couldn’t let him go and adopted him. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am about to start my counselling placement any time soon, and I feel ready. I cannot wait to start the journey of helping others using talking therapies, such as CBT, Person-Centred or Psycho-dynamic theory. The last two and half

Molly my hamster

Molly my hamster

years of college has taught me so much, I almost have to pinch myself to realise how far I have come. My personal Group Analysis finishes in four weeks too, and I am ready for that. I am also ready to tackle the pain in my back and am being booked in for an MRI scan soon.

I am about to start a new chapter in my life and recovery, and I am absolutely sure that my pets and my continuous writing of journals have helped me to get here.

Have fun 🙂

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