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Three weeks and four days… Mum and being positive, a poem

OK here goes another ditty, poem, rhyme; whatever you want to call it. Don’t expect a great poem, just a little story about the

My plants May 2015

My plants May 2015

last three weeks and four days…


Three weeks, four days, it has passed so fast

Made me feel unreal at times, like I was wearing a mask

Mum was first in intensive care, it was really touch and go

Her lungs were punctured, atrial fibrulation; her heart was fast and slow

She looked so frail and small in bed, sedatives keeping her calm and asleep

We thought the worst, we thought too much, and many tears I did then weep

But she got through, and she was moved, the trauma ward, where she could rest

She was confused, teary and annoyed, she also felt like she was a pest

But all the nurses, they were kind, keeping us informed and getting mum to eat

All the doctors, consultants and physio’s, trying to get her back on her feet

Mum moved today from London, in an ambulance back down our end

Back to our county, much more near us, where I hope that she will mend

Her broken femur and her smashed up ribs

I am keeping her positive, but telling no fibs

She will walk again, get out of that bed

But I know she won’t go home, but to a care home instead

My brothers, to my surprise, have all been visiting her weekly

It’s not usually that often, “that’s great” I tell her, as she peers at me meekly

She fears she will never ever go home

She is right, for my dad will live alone

She needs more care than he can now give

So we must find a nice place where mum can live

I hope she won’t be bored, but much entertained

Not fall into a trap of negativity and disdain

In the car, I’ll take her out, to Costa’s or the shops

For her cup of Twinings tea; she’s my mum she won’t be dropped

I hope that very soon, she will be in much less pain

She’ll get out of bed, perk herself up, and will deffo walk again

For when she fell down all those stairs at home, in the early hours

She scared my dad, and all of us, we’ve felt so mixed, like we have no power

But being positive and mindful, it really helps mum and I to cope

When mum gets upset, I tell her good things, she must look forward and not mope

She lost her mind before she fell, very quickly, we are all confused

Will she come back, as the mum I know, will she come back, the story ensues…


(One thing is for sure, being mindful and using positive thinking is the key to recovery, stress and living a life worth living. It is helping me and my mum at this time – check out my six days to mindfulness challenge by CLICKING HERE or reading my post BY CLICKING HERE)

Thank you to Chris who has been a rock in these past few weeks. I am also very glad I have my pet cat, hamster and fish to keep me amused, calm and focussed – they are all a therapy! And writing – where would I be without writing it all down!

Happy mindfulness and positivity! 🙂

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