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What IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can look and feel like

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome and me

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome and me

I suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Sometimes it’s just not present in symptoms, other times it is almost debilitating due to the pain the stomach spasms cause.

This was my stomach a few nights ago in the photo. I laid all night with a soothing hot water bottle across my gut. I was stressed and run down from the dental appointments and mouth infection I had from a root canal treatment that week. Not just that, but other stressors too. And it is usually stress that brings it on for me. A sudden bloating of the gut, pain in the lower gut to one side, a feeling like the gut it going to blow up it expands so rigorously. It also flares up if I get a bout of depression come on.

Other times I might get it because I ate too much garlic, onion or fatty foods or drank fizzy beer or coffee or some other food/drink triggers.

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Nothing much more to say, just raising awareness of IBS and showing what it can look and feel like for those who have not experienced it (luckily!) 🙂

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15 comments to What IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can look and feel like

  • Fi

    Hi, I also have IBS, but the past month my bloating is there all the time, even in the mornings! Do you think it’s normal?

  • Carol

    Poor you..this looks and sounds awful. I get it when stressed and only when stressed…mind, I m stressed a great deal. The bloating isn’t as bad, but I feel so heavy and lethargic….so many people now suffer from it, and there really isn’t any finite ‘cure’…just management of the problem.

    • amandagreenauthor

      Yes that’s how I feel too Carol; heavy and lethargic. I have an underactive thyroid too and am sure that the combination isn’t the greatest for energy levels, as I often feel far older than my years. Long may you reduce your stress and suffer less 🙂

  • Sam

    I have suffered with IBS since I was 18 and I’m almost 30. It’s awful. I’m bloated 95% of the time. I don’t have constipation or diahrea just severe bloating to the point that I look 8 months pregnant. It’s so embarrassing and trying to shop is impossible because I have to take into consideration that I may get bloated while wearing the outfit so I need to make sure it will hide it. Some mornings I feel so skinny because there’s no bloat in sight but that’s rare. I wish I could remember what it felt like to not have a bowling ball into stomach slowing me down. It makes me lazy and it’s hard to work out. It ends up causing weight gain because I am so bloated working out would just hurt. I would do anything to be normal again. I even developed Interstitial Cystitis about a year ago which is tied to IBS so now my bladder and bowel are a mess. I spend a lot of time alone and depressed. I wish I had other people like me to spend time with in our stretchy pants and oversized shirts!! Lol

    • amandagreenauthor

      I know exactly what you mean about trying clothes on Sam; I wear a lot of elastic top trousers or dresses and wear my jeans when I’m not bloated. I hope you find more ways to help you – take care 🙂

    • Maria

      Hi sam!i have the exact same symptoms and it sucks!without beeing pregnant i look 9 months pregnant 12 months/year!!it sucks and some times i feel depressed.
      i used to have a flat belly but now i can hardly remember how it looked like!it can also be very tyring because you cant walk or sit properly when you are carrying all these weight.
      i am also tired of trying to avoid all of those foods and drinks that make our problem worse, because if you avoid them..well there is not much you can eat or drink!it is rediculous!
      and just like you for more that two years i have repeated cystitis (almost every month i am on antibiotics) but i didn’t ever think that these two coud be related!


  • Rose

    OMG!!!! My belly looks the exact same! I have been to the doctors they cant pin point what it is instead they recommend tablets to help me go to the toilet. I look pregnant, the pain is unbearable, it just flares up at any time. I feel cursed but its so comforting to hear im not alone! Reading this makes me so much more relaxed that its not just me. I cant wear normal clothes, tops or dresses. It pops out whenever it wants to. This has caused my depression!!!!! I went counselling and it did nothing for me! thankyou for sharing this with me.

    • amandagreenauthor

      I hope your belly doesn’t flare up all the time Rose. Mine did when I was young but only a few times a month now. Eating well and trying to avoid stress does help me to avoid flare ups, but it’s hard to do those things in our busy lifestyles in this day and age 🙂

  • Shen

    Google – low FODMAP diet. Sue Sheppard, here in Australia developed a diet to help. It is just a series of avoiding certain foods with high FODMAPS in. I have cronic IBS but it can definitely help. Not 100% (stress and anxiety makes mine terrible even when i am being great with food), but hey – anything is better than what we go thought.

    Good luck

  • Chrissy

    I have the same problem . I look like I’m 9 month pregnant . I hate it !! I have to keep the heating pad on my stomach and then on my back because it hurts so bad . Last night I ate a mini baby Ruth and I thouht I was going to die . My belly is so hArd and hurts ! I have to take has pills so I can try to feel better .. I thought it was my gallbladder but the said it was imflamed but I go in March for a sonogram to see if I have stones . I hate this FEELING !!! What can I do ???

  • Natalie

    Oh my gosh! Yes! The exact same thing happens to me! My stomach will be flat and within minutes it looks like I’m pregnant! It’s horrible and embarrassing. Mine is also directly related to stress and anxiety. Your post and picture makes me feel better. It’s not just me. 🙂

    • amandagreenauthor

      Aw sorry to hear that you also suffer too, but you are right Natalie, sharing our experiences is helpful as it does make us feel less alone. I just cannot get into any clothes but stretchy ones when I expand to around the ‘4/5/6 months pregnant’ look! 🙂

    • jenny

      That is EXACTLY what happens to me. like bam 9 months pregnant. 🙁

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