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Why I want to be a counsellor and why I feel I will be a good counsellor – talking therapies

My Gecko Individuality tattoo because we are ALL individuals

My Gecko Individuality tattoo because we are ALL individuals and should be treated as such

I have just completed two years at college, part time, learning counselling skills – now to level 2, and this week I have my interview to find out if I am suitable for the level 4 diploma (a two year course which entails counselling for free for 100 hours, supervision and having counselling via another therapist).

I very much hope to get on the course, but since I am in psychoanalytical group therapy for myself and will be for a few months longer, we will need to ensure that it will all tie in and that I am suitable to be a counsellor based on the present time.

I had to write 300 words to say why I want to be a counsellor and why I feel I would be good at it, so for anyone interested, here goes…

‘I have reaped the benefits and appreciated the power of conversation through undertaking many talking therapies over the years, as a patient, including psychotherapy, counselling, CBT, hypnotherapy and group psychoanalytical therapy. A few years ago I went into mental turmoil, but looking at it, I realised I had had mental health issues and difficult life experiences most of my life, including childhood.

With a mixture of medication, talking therapies and continuous self help plans, memoir writing and private journal writing, I have made a huge difference in my life.

I published two memoirs about my life and recovery, which have helped many people around the world, as well as being an on-line advocate and anti-stigma campaigner, and I now want to help people personally with their adversities – give something back.

CBT has been the most powerful talking therapy for me, especially as I like order and keeping journals. I still learn from all my talking therapies as thoughts and actions fall into place learnt from sessions a long time ago and I want to share this with others.

My tattoos of love and strength keep me going too

My tattoos of love and strength keep me going too

I have a huge capacity for empathy, as I have a great imagination and ask lots of questions so that I have a clear picture of people’s thoughts, feeling and experiences, I have proven to myself I am a good listener and I learnt so much from my first two counselling classes, my confidence is building.

Over the years I have been told all kinds of adverse and potentially upsetting stories, experiences, thoughts and emotions, which has strengthened my resilience. Whereas before, I would over empathise and get emotional over other people’s problems, I can step back now and I find I am more helpful that way. I have been through a lot of adversity since I was a child, and have done a lot of impulsive things, so there isn’t much that would shock me either.

I have proven that I can listen to people for extended periods of time and I have tackled most things that could potentially stop me from listening.’

If I get on the course, I am thinking of applying for a placement in a male prison. I have worked in one before, in a therapy department, and feel that CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) could be very useful for prisoners who live in a vicious circle of negativity and bad behaviours.

Wish me luck for Wednesday and Happy Monday to you! 🙂

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