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Wife interrupted by Amy Molloy book review

Wife Interrupted by Amy Molloy, published in 2009 by Headline review, chosen from Waterstones – book review

I have to say, the first thing that comes to mind now I have read it is that the front cover and description do not do this book justice.  I read it in 2009.

I am inspired by the amount of emotion this story welled up in me.  I cried and I laughed and I enjoyed it.  The journey of this book was over just about three years and it had a specific tale to tell.  The main points were: 

  • Meeting the man of her dreams and such a lovely man
  • Showing empathy and a like for the author even though some things were shocking
  • Their dreams of being together
  • Her husband’s journey of cancer and his way of keeping happy
  • The bond they had
  • Her experience, as a young lady, of her life turning upside down from happy go lucky to carer and no sex
  • Her journey of grieving which made her desire men for sex as a way to fill the gap in her life.
  • The way it changed her as a person
  • How her family supported her
  • How she dumped her husbands family
  • How everyone else coped as well with meeting him, hospitals, friends and the wedding venue
  • Her sister did not seem to be in it at all and she showed jealousy of her sister and seemed to want to show that her sister didn’t care for her.  Ooohhh!

Why I liked it? 

At the beginning (if I were to use the 30 page rule) I was not as impressed as the whole book, but I guess it gave me the interest to read on, although some of that is because I wanted to understand the style. 

I did not have empathy at the start, but it gave me the clues and hooks to want to know the answers.  She is good at hooks and I think this is achieved by her use of sporadic time lines.  She goes from one place to the next, like when he died, to the first affair, then back to when they met, then back to an affair, then at the hospital.  It is all out of chronological order, except from the affairs and the end.  So, she keeps the current stuff in chronological order and the past is all over the place, but it works so well, and it is done like that to keep the reader hooked.

Occasionally, I had to go back in the book to refer as to where we were now in the past, as I knew some stuff that had happened in advance of what I was currently reading, but it was all good.

She created empathy for the reader, particularly as time went on, and what you first though and were shocked about, she managed to pull you back in and make you like her.  She is a nice person, yet sometimes you think she isn’t.

She doesn’t really tell you she is nice, but lets others do it and by showing her relationship with everyone, particularly Eoghan and all their nick names.

It was far more shocking than I expected – I didn’t expect the emotional rollercoaster, the graphic telling of his suffering or hers as a carer, or the explosive way she showed how grief can get you and change you.  It was a cancer journey really and she was left to deal with the grief.  It makes me want to be the one who dies in the story, as it is so much easier, but then she gets you like that and then shows you how brave he was and the pain and suffering he endured as well.


What I didn’t like?

Not a great deal in the end.  I thought the start was not fitting, but persevering, I found it to be a great read and I am glad she shared it with us and that I bought it.

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