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World Suicide prevention and awareness Day September 10th 2013 – fight suicide, and fight stigma!

February 2013 tattoos love and strength

February 2013 tattoos love and strength

Earlier this year, I had two new tattoos etched into the skin of my wrists. Both are Japanese signs, reminding me of my time working in Japan. On my right wrist it says ‘Strength’ and on the left wrist is ‘love’. Because, with love in my life in the past, I was able to keep going though adversity and mental illness, and as an adult, I have learnt how strong I am, feeling suicidal more times than I could count, wanting to take my self harm to the next and final stage, but never giving up.

Unfortunately, life gets too tough for some people, many youngsters included, and they do not have the fight or mind to find reason to live, and, sadly, they give up their lives forever.

I am deeply saddened by this fact, but it is not one I wish to ignore, just because it hurts – there are people out there right now, many of them, who are contemplating giving their lives up. We must help to stop this.

Mental health services need to be better – more money and equality for mental health sufferers in line with physical health.

We need to learn a little about how we can see the signs of mental illness or that a person needs someone to talk to.

We can all help.

Recently, a whole series of mental health awareness programmes were aired on TV. I watched them. The theme was to highlight and help young people in our society who are suffering terrible mental illnesses, and they did a fabulous job of raising that awareness. I was stunned by the extremely high statistics of suicides by young people.

So, I am glad for World Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day – it gives us a whole day to talk about it and raise awareness.

Take Care,

Amanda X

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