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X marks the signs of depression and anxiety; recognising your own process

Do you suffer with depression and/or anxiety?

This blog is about recognising the signs for your symptoms of depression and anxiety, if you can.

For me… One of my internal processes begins with me getting stressed, then that stress becomes out of proportion as I become over anxious about even small things. But lots of small things build the stress, like bricks. To the outside world people might think that I am over-reacting to something small, but for me it’s not the small thing that has just occurred, it is just the LAST thing I can handle after the last brick topples me. After that I get a day of feeling more energetic and happy, dancing and feeling positive. Then I might come down with the crash of a depressive stage, but it will only last for a day or so. I know it well enough now that even if I feel like my life is terrible and I have no future worth having, I do know also that it will not last long and ‘tomorrow is another day’. Things will definitely get better. I have reminders around the house, or chat to people who can remind me to try to ensure I don’t forget. However, it’s easy to ignore if I feel too down.

So, that is a typical routine for me. How about you? Could you write a journal so that you can analyse your routines? Could you mark on the calendar good days, sad days, great days, bad days? Could you write notes and pin them to your fridge to help remind you that things will get better? Do you have someone you can call, see or chat to on-line who can help remind you?

Try to think of ways to recognise, acknowledge and act upon symptoms that are negative or positive that can help you feel better in the long term.

I am in the process of editing my book of tips to cope with depression and anxiety, and this is an excerpt. I will announce publication on my blog when it’s ready! 🙂

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